Actor Stephen Fry Receives Harvard Humanist Award

It’s a long title, but actor and comedian Stephen Fry has received “The Annual Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism.” This per an email news update sent out by the Humanist Chaplaincy from the Harvard campus. The consensus by the award committee is “an outstanding contribution to Humanism in popular culture.”

Fry, of course, is from England and is known for several roles including Jeeves and Wooster and Fry and Laurie–with Hugh Laurie that is, House to all you TV watching Americans (didn’t realize he had a British accent did you? At first I didn’t either until I saw Laurie in Black Adder). Brits also know Fry as the reader of all 7 audiobook versions of the Harry Potter novels (per Wiki).

Besides his many talents, Fry is a passionate advocate for Humanism. He will stop by February 22nd to pick up his award and give some sort of performance for the Harvard attendees. Past receipients have included author Salman Rushdie, musician Greg Graffin (of the best band ever, Bad Religion), Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy and Firefly), and The Mythbusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.

Certainly it is good to recognize major contributions by our artists and writers. Looking over this list of award winners, you can see what influence they have to promote humanism and freethinking within pop culture. This award is very young in its conception and is sure to grow–I wish I lived near Harvard, though, if I could get a ticket that is.

Stephen Fry’s list of Twitter followers is growing, stop by his site for more info.

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