Adultery Stoning – Why Iran Should Not Be Allowed Nukes

Amnesty International Photo of Ashtiani

According the, a photo that looked like convicted adulteress Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani  caused her to be lashed 99 times for taking a picture without her veil. The woman in the offending photo, however, was someone named Javid Houtan Kian. So on top of being sentenced to death by stoning, Ashtiani was whipped because of another order by an Iranian judge. The Times of London is claiming responsibility for the mistaken identity as they were the ones who published the photo with Ashtiani’s name.

Putting aside the mix-up–99 lashes for not wearing your veil!?
Originally, I was debating whether it was fair for sanctions to be placed against Iran if they continued to develop nuclear energy. After all, nuclear energy is a legitimate source of power and would increase productivity. You can debate how safe it is based on past problems with facility mistakes and breakdowns and getting rid of nuclear waste, but there seems to be environmental hazards with almost any energy source (wind power for example can take out populations of birds who fly into the blades).
But this incident brings me back around to supporting the sanctions. The stupidity of any judicial system that would sentence a woman to death by stoning for a personal moral “sin” means commonsense has been thrown out the door. This is the kind of government that does have the potential to abuse nuclear power.
The Bible calls for stonings of women, homosexuals, and pretty much everyone else, but in America we’ve grown up enough to recognize that it is outmoded system of law. First of all, if we are going to execute someone for violating the law–we use technology to do it as humanely as possible. We don’t pick up rocks and throw it at people like children. We also don’t beat women for showing their faces.  Biblical literalists have had to adapt their religion to America and not America to the Bible.
I am hoping that the old guard in Iran will soon die off as I have heard many good things about the young people of Iran. And unfortunately they will suffer as a result of sanctions, but maybe for once sanctions will be effective in the short term. If minds like this moronic judge who upholds lashing women for showing their faces get a hold of nuclear weapons, we’re all in trouble.

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