Aerosteon, Another Piece of the Dino to Bird Puzzle

When IDers and creationists constantly repeat their mantra, “Where are all the transitional forms?” I can’t help but say, “look!” The easiest one to understand is birds. The transition from dinosaurs (therapods) to birds is becoming more obvious as more skeletons are found. People like Kirk Cameron ask evolutionary biologists to show them half something, half something else and while evolution doesn’t work necessarily in 50/50 percentages have you tried looking at bird-like dinos? You can dismiss Archaeopteryx if you want, as has been done by creationists since it was found (just a bird with teeth), but can you dismiss all of the newer fossils coming out of China showing imprinted feathers? How about Microraptor? A bird-like dinosaur with feathers that most likely glided from tree to tree showing how flight could have eventually been achieved by evolving the ability to  flap the wings.

Per Wiki, “…it was not until the early 1990s that clearly non-avian dinosaur fossils were discovered with preserved feathers. Since then, more than twenty genera of dinosaurs, mostly theropods, have been discovered to have been feathered. Most fossils are from the Yixian formation in China. The fossil feathers of one specimen, Shuvuuia deserti, have tested positive for beta-keratin, the main protein in bird feathers, in immunological tests.”

Feel free to say that other species may not have evolved from one species to another as we wait for the explanations–find that one animal that “defies evolution” but at least concede that the transitional forms in regards to dinos transitioning into birds are there. Not the complete set (which is a ridiculous request knowing how rare fossils are) but enough forms are available to understand how this happened.

So being predators week here on Freethunk we have another killer called Aerosteon with hollow bones? Hmm, a therapod with hollow bones. Who else has hollow bones? …birds?! Aerosteon shows evidence of a bird-like respiratory system. Another piece of the puzzle.

Putting that aside, look at Aerosteon’s skull depiction in the video. How do you think this therapod would have functioned in the Garden of Eden? Because that is the point being made this week: Predators in the Garden of Eden. It makes no sense for God to design animals with carniverous teeth and claws to simply eat fruits and veggies. These are meat eaters and unless you’re using Sin Theory to say they had a different set of chompers before the fall of man, then how could this make any sense? And if they didn’t have their evolutionary weapons to kill, please provide the pre-sin skulls of these predators with teeth more suited to eating plants.

Creationism cannot explain away predators in the Garden of Eden. And this is only one example, there are large killers and tiny killers. Predators are essential for any ecological balance and simply studying their fossils shows they either evolved to kill or God designed them to kill. If God designed them to kill then he is not the God we’ve been presented with–he’s a sadist throwing his creations into an arena of death.

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  1. I remember years ago when they kept asking where is the missing link. Then someone found it and then they said you now have 2 missing links to find. They no longer say that as misisng links continue to turn up. Fun.

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