Alice Cooper, Christian Rocker Inducted to Rock Hall of Fame

MSNBC has news that Alice Cooper, legendary shock rocker who paved the way for Marilyn Manson, will be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. About time, I would say. At age 62, he has been turned down from induction every year since 1994.

You may think you know Alice Cooper, but as of late he is a professed Christian–huh? Last month I received my first issue of Heaven’s Metal after more than 2 decades of not subscribing. Needless to say the magazine, which covers the Christian metal scene, has changed drastically as it apparently ceased publication and then came back as a print-on-demand publication (previously, it was a professional printing with glossy cover). The new issue featured “The Top 100 Christian Metal Albums of All Time.”  Alice Cooper’s release Brutal Planet made the list at #63.

Try listening to Brutal Planet’s lyrics and you’ll get a gospel earful including references to our fall in the Garden of Eden:

It’s such a brutal planet
It’s such a livid hell
It was a holy garden
That’s right where Adam fell
It’s where the bite was taken
It’s where we chose to sin
It’s where we first were naked
This is where our death begins

We took advice from that deceiving snake
He said don’t worry it’s a piece of cake
And sent us swimming in a burning lake
Now we’re abandoned here for heaven’s sake

Heaven’s Metal calls the album, “A true heavy metal slab of shock rock glory.” I would agree, it’s a fun album and I take the lyrics about as seriously as “Thrill My Gorilla” from The Constrictor Album:

Sukie honey, we’re gonna turn back the clock
To a time when we danced to volcanic rock
We loved to hunt and kill
That’s how we used to be
We drank the blood we spilled
And growled at our enemies

Where were you when the monkey hit the fan
Thrill my gorilla
Where were you when monkey turned to man
Thrill my gorilla

It’s all cornball and falls into my love of bad hair metal category. BTW: Our distant cousins are chimps, not gorillas, Alice.
An interview on YouTube (which won’t allow for embedding, sorry) has an interview with the rocker from The Harvest Show (yeah, I never heard of it either) on his faith. Alice Cooper suggests that many of his early songs had Christian references which lead to the conclusion,”Don’t pick the devil.” He also is a Biblical literalist so I hope Answers in Genesis is reading this. Alice should open for the premier of Noah’s Ark replica being built in Kentucky! Would be so cool to watch.

Why is it that Christian celebs all come from substance abuse backgrounds–Gary Busey, Jeff Conaway, etc.,? They go through rehab and I suspect part of the process is an acknowledgement of  a higher power which returns them to the religious faith of their childhood. With their fame on the decline, religion seems to give them back that sense of importance (because they usually show up on TBN).  Meanwhile, I have an occasional glass of wine or beer and still remain an atheist. Alice no longer has to worry about declining fame which seems to have occurred in the eighties, he’s cemented his status as one of the original heavy metal pioneers.

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