Another Dumbass Predicts the End of the World

I’m not going to be polite about this one, but I do appreciate confidence in one’s predictions–even if they’re completely stupid. The main reason for appreciation is I can document failed prophecy with screenshots. Remember Harold Campling’s huge embarrassment over predicting May 21st of 2011 for the apocalypse? Well, here’s another dumbass named Ronald Weinland predicting May 27th of this year 2012 for the end of man’s rule. And to be even more specific, here is an article by the same Ronald Weinman making it clear that Jesus will return on May 27th of this year. Apparently, the first trumpet has already sounded. It was on Dec 14, 2008 when the economy collapsed. I honestly don’t remember hearing a trumpet and the economy didn’t collapse all in one day.

Here’s my prediction. May 27, 2012 will pass unnoticed and the world will keep on truckin’ with it’s usual woes: poverty, unemployment, a couple of terrorist bombings and some dirty politics. I believe when nothing happens to end the world, this Christian author should be required to post, “I am a dumbass” on their site.

BTW: Note, this article is being written on May 22nd of 2012. He offers free books if you want a collector’s item before the 27th passes.

SIDENOTE: In case you’re feeling smug because you would never dare to attempt to predict the day of the apocalypse and yet you believe in the apocalypse, one of the  biggest scams in Christianity is this: “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” By being completely vague about when he will return, Jesus (or the author claiming what Jesus said) is no better than our modern day psychics. Boy, Jesus really laid it on the line with that statement. I’m coming but you won’t know when so keep believing even if it’s when the sun burns up and the earth goes cold.

We’re all supposed to be on red alert all the time? Good plan, Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Another Dumbass Predicts the End of the World

  1. Ummm… I’m guessing that the esteemed prophet has managed to notice that over the last 50 years, Europe has disarmed to the point that they would be lucky to make it past Poland if they wanted a war with Russia or China?

  2. It does definitely make me laugh that there are so many who are arrogant enough to believe they have the ability to predict with precision the day of the return of Jesus Christ. While I agree that times are getting rough and scary, I believe these are times we are faced with choices pertaining to everything that affects our lives. God gave us free will and He has always given us the opportunities to make choices. We create our own experiences on this planet. Anyway, let me say that I write this on the 28th of May. It’s funny, I woke up yesterday, went to work, and did the same thing today. There was no big catastrophe . IN fact,it was really a rather boring day. Did Jesus show up quietly yesterday and is he purposely holding out until next week to make his presence known just to surprise us all for effect? What IS the deal? Why do these End of Days Prophets always end up with egg on their faces? I also just read what looks to be an excerpt from RW defending his predictionsthis past April. As I read it, it made no sense. He asks that we believe this is all true and will come to pass, yet he states that it is unreasonable to expect it to come to pass. Can someone clarify? I should mention that I am a person who believes in God and I believe that eventually there will be an end to the crap SOME day- most likely after my great-great-great grandchildren are old. Sorry everyone, but I believe we have generations of stupidity and suffering left to go before we see the APOCOLYPSE.Ronald Weinmann(and anyone else who wants to looks stupid with fire and brimstone prophesies), if you do see these things coming, your timing is WAAAAAAYYYYYY off and you need to knock it off. IF you make yourself look like a dumbass now, nobody will ever believe you later – IF it turns out that you are, in fact, this “prophet” you consider yourself to be. So, until it all starts to go haywire, do yourself and the rest of us a favor: Believe whatever you want, but unless you have proof to back up your over the top claims, just SHUT UP.

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