Are We In A Post-Christian Leftist America?

David French at the National Review suggests that what we are seeing with the protests against Trump is “post-Christian dissent.” As well as a comparison of Obama to the god Ba’al which if you have ever read the Bible is one of the bad gods the Jews are supposed to oppose in the Old Testament. While a convoluted read, the suggestion is that the protests are inflated to the extent that they are apparently like heathen worshippers whose god has just been defeated–a god who could not protect the leftist utopian village. I don’t mind the comparison of leftists to worshippers, my objection is to the phrasing of it as “post-Christian” dissent.

I have been critical of protestors on the left and especially of any incidents of violence, but the veiled attempt in this article is an old trope by Christians: you can’t have morality without the Christian God and this is how society crumbles when that happens. To be more blunt, those of us who are not Christian believers (the post-Christians) would have to be as stupid or as immoral or as violent as the extreme elements of the far left or even the anarchists.

He ignores the remaining protestors who have generally been civil such as the recent Women’s March who walked in reaction to Trump regarding his sexism, advocacy of sexual harassment (groping), opportunistic racism and anti-abortion stance. This march prompted people who have never even been politically active to get off their couches and hit the streets. He also ignores those who stayed home, but are still heavily critical of Trump and are on the same page as the protestors. And as far as overreaction, you have to remember that the Supreme Court is on the line. Otherwise, I’m not a fan of hyperbolic reactions either, but then tell that to Trump who is the great instigator and loves it! He says what he doesn’t mean and means what he doesn’t say.

So why bother with labeling the reactions of the Left “post-Christian”? Maybe you think I’m missing the point of the article because it has to do with overreacting to Trump, something which I do agree with. Trump isn’t the apocalypse the Left sometimes suggests he is. However, French says it all with this: This is post-Christian politics to its core. This is the politics one gets when this world is our only home, and no one is in charge but us.

Translation: If you do not believe in God and an afterlife in heaven, you will be too concerned with the world at hand and you will overreact.

It’s the same reason why the Right is not concerned with global warming. If we screw up the planet there’s always heaven to look forward to. Besides, Jesus is coming back some day and will create a new earth anyhow.

I would suggest back to David French that Trump is a post-Christian administration for the very reason that anyone can claim Christianity and be elected without actually being called out on what it really means to be Christian. So as far as the atheist is concerned, saying something is Christian or post-Christian is pointless; the word “Christian” is more meaningless now than ever–especially where faith is concerned because political ideology always trumps faith in Jesus. “Love thy neighbor” unless they’re from Mexico or Syria because God can’t protect America from the drug cartel or terrorists.

If there is an afterlife (a safe space for Christians, if you will), why are Christian conservatives so hellbent on keeping the suffering “others” out of the United States because they risk losing their life to terrorism–it’s not like they’re losing their soul? If global warming isn’t a concern because there will be a second earth, why be selective and say no to more immigration from dangerous countries committing genocide? Gee, no overreaction there or to the scapegoating of immigrants for loss of jobs in “this world” that Christians keep fixating on. It doesn’t fit the narrative that French is spinning. Aren’t Christians supposed to be “not of this world” and yet they keep acting just like the heathens on the left as if this world matters? As if maybe it’s the only world we have? The only difference is their selectivity based on politics.

The reason French uses the Obama to Ba’al comparison is because Ba’al is essentially a Satanic figure within Christianity–no inflating the reaction to an Obama presidency there! Were all the whining Obama-haters from the past eight years post-Christian too because they forgot about the afterlife or the stability of our republic?

The nice thing about being an ex-Christian now turned atheist is that I don’t have to reconcile a misguided religious morality based on an ancient superstitious book with my political vote. And this life does matter; I don’t have to pretend like some Christians do that it doesn’t. I can put religion aside and actually use reason to point out where Trump or Obama is in error and I realize that political decisions are filled with uncertainty. There are no easy answers. To me that is post-Christian. I give a damn about this world.

If Obama was the old Ba’al, the new Ba’al is Donald Trump, his followers chanting around him and just as gullible as some nutty leftists. Try telling them not to worship Trump because I know they do–I’ve seen their tweets and FB posts. He is an amoral celebrity god. I concede there is an overreaction to Trump, but it has nothing to do with being post-Christian and has everything to do with a man who is inflammatory and changes his pitch like the salesman he is.




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