Australia Hasn’t Gone to Hell Yet

As of June 2010, Australia has an atheist for a prime minister, and as of yet the country has not lost all sense of morality. Fact is, as we

Julia Gillard – Atheist Prime Minister

would suspect, the new prime minister’s atheism is secondary to her politics.

Did we mention she is an unmarried woman? Can you imagine such a thing happening in America?  This is Julia Gillard. As I am not Australian I cannot say whether or not I agree with her politics, but the point is that her lack of belief makes no difference. She is capable of running the country without reliance on an invisible being. As with any politician, she is sure to support unnecessary laws, cater to special interests and maybe even be implicated into some minor scandals–but for once a politician didn’t appeal to the God vote to win.

If you vote for a candidate simply because they say they believe in God (such as George Bush’s only qualification)–you are a sucker. I would trust a Christian more if they didn’t wear their religion on their sleeve. It is true that Christians are to be a light unto the world, but then I would have to ask what a Christian is doing in politics and not the ministry if they are so gospel-oriented. It seems the career comes first  and then the gospel is slapped on (usually in the form of a bumper sticker).

I’m thankful to see Julia Gillard in office. Unfortunately, if she screws up they’ll blame it on atheism. If she doesn’t, her lack of god-support will go unnoticed.

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