Baptizing Aliens

In one of Fox’s “gimmicky” news stories, as they are sliding more and more towards tabloid nonsense, there is an article about one of the Pope’s astronomers Guy Consolmagno. To quote the article, Guy says he would baptize an alien– “no matter how many tentacles it has.”

To start with, I didn’t know thePope had astronomers? What are they looking for? God? Does the Pope have a science lab at The Vatican? I will have to research that further sometime. I know while The Catholic Church as been responsible for denying science in the past, they are actually supportive of evolution and other scientific fields you would think might–just might–conflict with their beliefs in a supernatural creator. Comsolmagno even goes so far as to say intelligent design is “bad theology” and akin to the God of the gaps theory.  

As for baptizing aliens, even proposing the concept should throw up red flags. If intelligent life exists elsewhere, does it also have a soul? Did Jesus die for humanity or every sentient creature in the universe? I’m sure Guy Consolmagno was kidding when he made the comment, but you can imagine the trouble finding intelligent life will cause religion. You can be for certain that religion will persist in the face of alien cultures and adapt, working alien life into its theology. Man, I’d consider going back to Bible School if I could study Alien Theology.

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