Benny Hinn’s Extramarital Affair

You might think this is salicious gossip–and it is! Benny Hinn, the most embarrassing faith healer to Christianity (or at least in the top 10), is being sued for infidelity. Charisma Media, according to, says Hinn violated a morality clause and they are demanding $250,000. This is probably pocket change for the TBN scam artist with the anti-gravity hair, but most likely he will ask his viewers to pay it in some manner. Isn’t it interesting that a media company claiming to be the leading Pentecostal publisher in the world has to insist on morality clauses from “moral” people?

The affair in question is a relationship with another evangelist–Paula White, one hot blonde who on her website wants to know “how you feel.” Well, we want to ask Hinn how Paula feels? Do Pentecostals slay each other in the spirit in the bedroom–think of the orgasms!

Our reliable source for this affair is oddly enough the National Enquirer who snapped shots of Hinn and White holding hands in Rome while Hinn was still married. Hinn has been around forever, but this is an example of what is going to happen as the Christian TV and Film industry becomes a media empire. The Christian celebs involved will become the target of gossip rags and all the dirty secrets are sure to come out. In the past, much of it has been swept under the rug due to lack of interest by our general media and the Christian media not wanting to bite the hand that feeds it. The mainstreaming of Christian entertainment will not be the moral beacon most Christians hope it will be. I predict that the money, the power, the sex and the usual creative differences will all lead to some downright ugly scenarios. Why? Because we already have numerous examples that have come to the surface as the result of the internet.

Lest you think the hand holding was innocent, Hinn’s wife has since divorced him and Hinn has confessed to the inappropriate relationship to the publisher. Will this stop Hinn from continuing his “blessed” ministry or Christian media from profiting off of this faith healing superstar? …No.

Shame on all you idiots who keep sending money to this fraud.

15 thoughts on “Benny Hinn’s Extramarital Affair

  1. This is the idiot that was bashing Joel Osteen. Hinn stated he wanted to beat Joel Osteen. Joel Osteen is a family man. He loves his wife and kids and is humble. As usual all is revealed

  2. Excuse me please……..
    It is not anybody’s duty to question the servant of God who has been appointed by God. He is accountable to God not for you. Let me ask u something……”are you perfect in all things that u do?” “Can u prove your own coscience that you are a righteous person….?”

  3. You’re not excused–it is everyone’s duty to question people like Benny Hinn. He is a con man and a hypocrite making money off of gullible people. This is not a question of perfection, it’s a question of a morality pusher who has no right to be one.

    But in answer to your question, yes, generally speaking, I am a moral person but there’s no such thing as perfection (it is an ideal, a subjective concept). Unlike Hinn, I’ve stayed faithful to the same woman for 16 years now and I don’t rip people off–and I’m an atheist. I contend I am easily more moral or for that matter more perfect than Benny Hinn as a majority of people can make the same claim–Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Pantheist, whatever religion or nonreligion. He’s a scam artist. Wake up!

  4. Who speak so bad of a Great Servant of the Lord Jesus, cannot be a Christian.
    People who accuse the Servants of God, have no excuse, because they do the work of Satan.
    Paul said: prove all, and the good things let remain. The good, not the bad.
    Jesus said: judge not, so you will not be judged.

    the marriage of Benny is healed, praise be to God!
    Here you see: God helps his servants.
    But HE warns the accusers, to repent.
    Who accuses, is never a real Christian. I warn you people all for persons who talk bad about the men of God! Go out of them, pray for the Men and Women of God, and let the Pharisees of today not confuse your live with the lord! Amen.

  5. Re: Admin… let me get this straight, you’re an atheist, but you decided to take time out of your busy schedule to write about a preacher you don’t support and a God you don’t believe in. Thanks for wasting my time. Next time include a disclaimer please.

  6. Here’s the disclaimer: When using the Internet, search engines may catalog opinions and beliefs contrary to your own. Please print and tape to your computer.

    Seriously? The entire site is about freethinking, atheists, agnostics and other unbelievers. And Benny Hinn is a con artist. I’ll give him grief every chance I get. As for gods, they wouldn’t be an issue if the people who believed in them didn’t impact all our lives and push their superstitions. Atheists are a minority, we’re just pushing back.

  7. You surely have no life, how dare you touch an anointed man and women of God; scripture says in psalms 105:15 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. This is God speaking, may my God the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ JUDGE YU GREATLY on such outradgoues remarks, and when the rapture comes and God’s Judgement you will be UPON YU AND YOU WILL BE reminded on this comment. I pray that one day the truth will open ur eyes AND SET YOU FREE.
    The truth, well let me lay it down for you to understand, Jesus came from heaven to earth to set the captives free. We the captives the sinners are a disgrace before God. God our creator wanted to give us a second chance so he sent His son Jesus to die for us. The marks that was struck on to His body as well as the piercing of the nails on HIS HANDS AND FOOT was of our filthy mouth, our filthy mentally, our filthy immorality, BASICALLY OUR SINS and our stupidity of thinking we know best when truly we are not as WISE!! as we think we are. Now to break it down GOD LOVES YOU, JESUS LOVES YOU THE ONLY WAY OUT OF SIN IS THROUGH HIS BLOOD JESUS CHRIST THE BLOOD THAT CLEANSES ALL OUR SINS AWAY AND SETS US FREE FROM THE BONDAGES OF DEATH. Now i want you to understand this my brother, the only reason you write such nonsenses is the fact you can not face the truth of the SUPERNATURAL TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD AND MIRACLES. God Loves you, Jesus Loves you so please understand that there is going to be judgement on EVERYTHING, EVERY WORD AND EVERY ACTION THAT YOU DO TO ANY OF GOD’S CHILDREN AND IN YOUR LIFE ALONE so please STOP these FOOOLISH LIES and LET UR EYES AND EARS BE OPEN TO THE TRUTH OF GOD’S WILL. p.s we are in the end days so GET SAVED!! REPENT OF UR SINS AND KNOW JESUS IS COMING AND GOD’S JUDGEMENT WILL BE SET!! if by any chance u are being convicted it means its God speaking to you and know God forgives and will set you free when you accept that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, HE IS THE SON OF GOD AND HE WILL BE BACK!! THANK YOU!! GOD BLESS YOU!!

  8. @Stephanie–For the record, I never touched Benny Hinn, honest! As for touching women of god…whoops, lost my train of thought.



  11. I just can’t believe how many people are conned into all this prosperity stuff. I thought people were getting wiser! No wonder the Christian faith is in tatters. God gave you brains. USE THEM!
    It’s all about the money, not about you….. even less God.
    There are even professionals Doctors,lawers and professors who send money every week believing these con artists. If you really want to give to God, give it to that guy you walk past every day on your street and look the other way.

  12. Jennifer, I think pretty much anyone with a charismatic personality can repeat the words of the bible and make them sound like their own. Gift?

  13. Ps, and just because ‘the guy who was bashing Joel Osteen’ has the guts to speak for himself/herself, does not make him an idiot. At least he’s not following a bunch of sheep who seem to think God favours them because Paula or Benny told them so if they give them some cash!!

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