BET Channel Supports Peter Popoff Fraud?

You’ll have to excuse me if I sound angry or unforgiving in this post because I am. Recently, a dear woman I know was telling me about her friend who had gotten into some “weird” religion and was a self-proclaimed prophet. This person is a follower of Peter Popoff among other things and unfortunately refuses to use the Internet as it may allow for government intrusion (which leads to the one world government headed up by the Anti-Christ). If only she would trust the Internet for just twenty minutes she could review the video detailing how Peter Popoff was exposed as a fraud on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson waaaaay back in 1983.

I read further on Popoff  on Wikipedia because I thought he was a done deal–for Christ’s sake people, we’re in the information age, do a background check–and find that he has had a resurgence and is still pulling in major bucks. Part of his resurgence was due to BET (Black Entertainment Television) giving him time slots on their channel for his corrupt infomercials. BET is not the only culprit, there are others, but BET of all channels should be more responsible than to allow this white idiot to feed off the black gospel. In other words, I am playing the race card here and saying that BET aided and abetted a white man to defraud their black viewers, many of which cannot afford to throw away money in this economy. If you visit Popoff’s site he has a video on the left side that features black people amazed that their debts were mysteriously paid off. Could Popoff be more exploitative?

I tried to run searches if the NAACP had ever voiced their opinion on this issue but came up empty. You would think at least one major black voice would speak out–if you know of one, please comment.

I’m sure for those of you who regularly keep up on skepticism that this is old news, but for me it was really disheartening to hear–in 2011–that a faith healer is still suckering people. BET should be ashamed along with all the other channels selling Popoff airtime–but BET especially! I was hoping, since Wiki referred to news that was from 1998 up until 2007 that BET had stopped allowing Popoff airtime, but this is not the case as shown on the TV schedule below–which makes me even angrier at BET who, and this is coming from a “whiter-than-white” guy, is allowing their brethren to be taken for every penny to make a network buck. How traitorous is that? African Americans including Black churches should boycott BET for this.

I’m posting the YouTube video below which shows the original fraud of Peter Popoff back in the early eighties. We don’t need to keep allowing this faker to keep getting rich. If everyone with a blog or website would at create an article heading about “Popoff The Fake” or similar title so that they appear in the search engines next to Popoff’s site URL it may have a beneficial effect.  I’d also like to see pressure placed on BET so throw in “BET Supports Fraud” as well.

If you’re a black person reading this and you think I’m playing the race card too much here then good. You should be angry just from a human perspective that people like Popoff shouldn’t be allowed to do what they’re doing. BUT as a black voice, BET is going to listen to you versus me. I think you should be angry as hell at both Popoff and BET.

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  1. The fact that this instinct cannot be quenched as easily as the others,
    makes it even more tempting. Someone with a balanced third eye chakra clearly knows where
    he or she is going. It is wise to become the observer as the Buddha suggests.

  2. Please need prayer for my daughter in law she is pregnant and she is very sick with my grandbaby the Dr.
    Said it is bad ,Peter Pop off you and I wright to each other Alisa Lopez was fom LewsivilleTexas and now I live in Ponder Texas

  3. Please need prayer for my daughter in law she is pregnant and she is very sick with my grandbaby the Dr.
    Said it is bad ,Peter Pop off you and I wright to each other Alisa Lopez was fom LewsivilleTexas and now I live in Ponder Texas ,her name is Cathy Rodriguez she could be havering my grandbaby in a day are sometime this next week .God loves ever one Love you !!!

  4. Rosenbaum said Thursday that Torres had been offered a plea
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  6. Lets not forget that BET, which used to be Black owned, in no longer Black owned and has been owned by VIACOM since 2000. Debra Lee (CEO)work for VIACOM and do so with their best interests at heart not the Black community. BET doesn’t care about the Black community like they once did. I haven’t supported BET since the sell out. I now watch TV ONE and Aspire because these channels are sincerely concerned with the education and uplift of the Black community.

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  8. The people of GodA lot of people don’t believe in Jesus Yes I’m here today To say To all followers of any Religious background The believe if not in Peter Popoff the believe is in the Messiah Jesus Christ So to all his followers that are believing that Jesus healed in Jesus is a healer See a lot of people want a misconstrued their true feelings but don’t want to have the faith to believe that Jesus can heal you and he will heal you because he is the healer To all that false prophets against God will he will Deal with the misleading of him But peter Popoff states that he is a profit from GodSo do believe it has to be with the face first if you’re not believe in that Jesus God is a healer of your body your mind your soul your depression you are falling short let’s not be ignorant let’s have faith that Jesus Heels And because they believe he healing them. Any of their faith Then maybe some of the non-believers will use them as an example and come and believe in the healer Jesus Christ see all things are used in different directions is on how you want to use it God use the devil just like he use any and every one of us we are the ones that have the willl to follow we are the ones that have the will and the heart to have the faith that he can and he will heal Somebody say hallelujah Thank you Jesus Trust they didn’t say he was a fake Prophet longer go Give that may or may not be the case Let some who are non-believers continuously grab ahold to Jesus because he knew that Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus and His many times is he using Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus somebody feeling the word of Jesus Jesus and they may not ever call Peter Popoff but the word of Jesus was said Can if you don’t believe that he said he lie if you don’t trust them and have the faith but yourself it don’t matter but as long as they allege or allow him to come into their heart So that they may let him come in so they made witness his mercy And grace Allowed but trust and have faith in the name of Jesus.

  9. I worked for him his daughter has gone to the award show to pick up his award for best tv evangelist a few yrs back.

  10. As a Christian who has been healed of cancer 3 times I know God Heals but all these comments supporting Peter Popoff as a Healer because it is God who heals and not Poppoff and who is just a mouth piece of Gods power need to get prayer for themselves directly from our Lord Jesus Christ.
    For whilst God will punish these false prophets he will also punish those who give false witness and in supporting this vile conman you are giving false witness to those who believe and will be judged by the Lord for your ignorance in allowing the devils disciples to use you to give false representation against Gods true prophets and healers and giving support by allowing these followers of satan to spread their deception against brothers and sisters in Christ.
    You would not give credence in God to your Pastor if he was too use human sacrifice in your church as long as he said it was in Gods name.
    God gave us free will and the right to question right from wrong so don’t close your eyes and ears to what you know in your spirit is wrong for you cannot stand as a disciple of Christ in the presence of evil and not see the light of God obliterate the darkness in front of you.
    Ignorance is no excuse for the bible says that we have righteous judgement to examine what we are told as the true word.

  11. Lol…..the African Americans are his major demographic. Of course BET won’t boycott this piece of shit.

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