Bingo Scam at Greek Orthodox Church

Why is it frowned upon if Christians gamble at a casino but they can go play bingo at church all they want? The NYPost is reporting a Bingo scam at the Jackson Avenue Greek Orthodox Church involving 3 people and almost 1 million bucks. The organizers of the scheme told bingo players that their money was going to charity when in fact it was going straight into their pockets. This has resulted in grand larceny charges with a 3 year conditional discharge–if they stay off the Bingo circuit or any other scams they probably won’t see any prison time.

You know interestingly enough, I went looking for the “true church” and arrived at the Greek Orthodox Church due to their claims. Seems like they have some of the same stupidity as other churches. How come the church patrons can’t just donate to charity instead of gambling? Seems to be fostering an atmosphere of greed–though I personally ┬álike exploiting greed for charity, but at least I recognize it as greed.

What may be worse than the scam is the spelling errors in this NYPost article. Such as “Green Orthodox Church” instead of “Greek Orthodox Church,” and the misspellings of enthusiasts, discharge and charitable. Man, I don’t feel so bad about some of the errors I’ve made in my posts if the NYPost does it too.

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