Bishop Eddie Long and Haggard is Back

Yet another Megachurch pastor is on the ropes, this time it is Bishop Eddie Long. Fox News reports that he created a boys academy to essentially raise up sexual prospects. The academy program taught the male students fiscal responsibility and sexual abstinence. It even went so far as to make the boys carry a card that “…listed three things they could be doing rather than having sex.” As usual, Pastor Long (which is a horrible name for a child predator) railed against homosexuality.

In another article about the new scandal on, which was supposedly about Long’s GA church but turned to Ted Haggard’s story for a majority of the article, let us know that the sinner is never truly repentant. In Christianity, the bigger the sin the more qualified you are to lead, or that seems to be the reasoning. Haggard is back, leading another church. If you don’t recall why he got in trouble, like Bishop Long he led a megachurch and was even featured in Richard Dawkins’ critical series on religion called Root of All Evil. Haggard proposed that Dawkin’s stance on evolution and that Dawkins himself was arrogant in the face of God. Mainly this was a stalling technique because Haggard realized he didn’t know what he was talking about when it came to evolution during the Dawkins interview. He too, like Long, preached against gay people. Later we find out that Pastor Haggard is getting blown by his masseuse, Mike Jones.

Ironically religous scandals cost American jobs. According to Wiki, after Haggard left New Life Church attendance went down 20 percent. That meant revenue went down enough where the “business” had to lay off 44 employees. How is it possible that Haggard has a new church? Who are the idiots that are going to follow this man?  True repentance would be if Haggard said, “I sinned and I let everyone down. I pass the baton on to a stronger leader and I will work a crappy day job and be meek enough to follow another pastor.”

Bishop Long does not look like he will go down without a fight either. MSNBC says he denies the charges brought against him by four young men who were apparently sexually abused. Long plans to use the pulpit this coming Sunday to give an official response.

This is all about prestige and money. Religion is bed buddies with politics in that they have the same exact sex scandals, only it’s worse when you’re the guy telling young men not to get it on with young ladies but you’re happy to have them go down on you.

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