Black Swan Director Wants to Make a Noah Film

This is scant information, but has a post about Darren Aronofsky, director of The Black Swan, saying he is interested in making a film about Noah starring Christian Bale. That’s about all the information they provide concerning a plot or script. Is it the literal Noah story from The Bible? A weird interpretation of the story (based on his past work)? Or is it an adventure movie with a modern day hero search for Noah’s Ark?

This would be no small production. The proposed budget is $130 million and the director already has John Logan of Gladiator fame as the screen writer as well as New Regency Pictures willing to be the production company. With the success of his last picture, Aronofsky may have the clout to pull this off. But just what are his intentions? A bold retelling of the story for adults? A wimpy, wishy-washy retelling that will please the family values crowd? Or a retelling that will alienate the targeted audience–Christians?

I went looking for more information and found an article on They refer to the proposed project as “…the expensive Biblical epic.” So obviously it is about Noah and seems to suggest something on the scale of Cecil B. DeMille. The article also states, “…filmmaker promises will be closer to the adult tone of the Biblical tale in its original form.” Good, that I would like to see.

There is also a YouTube storyboard set to music video to create more interest:

We may see another film on par with The Passion of The Christ, able to generate enough controversy and Christian crowd backing to make it a financial success. The key it seems to Biblical epics is to be true to the story and include all the good stuff: Sin! Punishment! Violence! Sex! The Bible doesn’t have to boring (except for those damn genealogies) if Christians wouldn’t strip it of its dramatic power. They tend to sanitize it because they’re afraid of the criticism, “Well, why did you have to show that? My kids were in the audience.” Adult Biblical films would be truer to the original stories and would serve the same purpose as films about other mythological tales, remembering a time of vengeful gods and fearful humans. …And then we can remind ourselves how good we have it in modern times due to secular society coming up with a more reasonable set of morals that don’t involve genocide by water.

I just hope Aronofsky shows man, woman and child drowning as the Old Testament is filled with collective guilt (why didn’t Noah save any children and just animals? What? No room?).

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