‘Book of Mormon’ Musical Vs Book of Mormon

I finally saw The Book of Mormon musical after repeatedly listening to the soundtrack and the live performance is hilarious and honestly one of the best theater experiences I’ve had. The entire story of two Mormon missionaries going to Uganda and royally screwing up comes together with great songs and a ton of laughter from the audience who loved it. We had actually purchased tickets from a reseller and we’re supposed to be in the third mezzanine against the back wall, but for whatever reason the seller shipped us last minute tickets that were in the eighth row from the stage–I’ve never been that close in The Paramount Theater.

After going home and keeping the program as a keepsake, I noticed that The Mormon Church took out a full page ad in it. Seriously? So what is the thinking behind this? That audience members will go see a show that thoroughly discredits their religion as a farce and suddenly after the show will have a hankering to read the actual book and convert?

The man smiling in the Mormon Church ad exemplifies the lyrics in the song “Turn it Off”:

Turn it off, like a light switch
just go click!
It’s a cool little Mormon trick!
We do it all the time
When your feeling certain feels that just don’t feel right
Treat those pesky feelings like a reading light
and turn em off,
Like a light switch just go bap!
Really whats so hard about that?
Turn it off! (Turn it off!)

The song is about switching off your feelings and your brains when bad things happen or you don’t understand something. I’ve read a good chunk of The Mormon Bible (it’s a snooze, but not as bad as the Koran which is a cure for insomnia) and you HAVE TO turn the light switch off to believe in it. The supposed translation is a bad imitation of the King James Bible and the history is nonsense.

Really if you look at the jumping Mormon from the cover and the smiling Mormon from the ad, they’re the same. Only the Mormon marketeers thought, why not use a guy with a cool goatee to show we’re not so clean cut? Soooo brilliant.

If you want to understand what Mormonism is about I recommend The Book of Mormon musical versus reading the actual Book of Mormon. Once you listen to “All American Prophet” and “I Believe” you’ll be laughing, but then scratching your head, “Do Mormons actually believe this shit?” And the answer is Yes! Then if you doubt it, you can tackle the actual text.


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