Bradlee Dean: A-hole of the Week

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by Christians trying to make a name for themselves by going over the top with their ministries. Onesuch up and coming star is Bradlee Dean, who looks like he belongs to a hair metal band from the eighties–talk about “gay” (you’ll get my comment after you read the rest of my post). He runs “You Can Run But You Cannot Hide” International. …Yeah, that’s the name of the ministry, sounds more like a death squad.

Somehow Mr. Dean has access to public schools and apparently has been adding to the hell that gay kids have to experience by targeting them. Per an article in The Minnesota Independent, after 3 suicides by gay youth combined with another 3 that were not gay, he ranted about gay indoctrination and how one in 21 homosexuals is a child molester (hmm, I wonder if the percentage is higher in straights?). As usual, his ministry lumps NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) with all Homosexuals and Lesbians since they seem to show up around gay pride parades. We could make the same argument about priests showing up at Catholic events–but then knowing Mr. Dean I would suspect he thinks the Pope is the Anti-Christ anyhow. I’ve met these types before and they’re fairly predictable in what they believe.

Dean is quoted in the same article as saying, “God didn’t create us that way, and nature definitely doesn’t teach us that. Dogs don’t do that.” Yes, dogs lick their own butts and eat shit. I don’t know why Christians appeal to God’s “design”  in nature because there is a ton of homosexual activity going on out there. I have a huge biology book on the subject that I have yet to read all the way through (seriously, this thing is thick) that catalogs homosexual behavior in the wild. It’s called Biological Exuberanceby Bruce Bagemihl and don’t say it is a piece of propaganda–it’s a dull text book on how animals bump rumps with their own gender. BUT if Dean prefers domesticated animals most dog owners will embarrassingly recall their two dogs humping each other, but I will agree with him that it is not penetration and that mounting has to do with dominance. I remember the hilarious site of my runty-looking female pug mounting my chihuahua mix and slowly pumping (such a cute wrinkly ass).

Interestingly enough, Biological Exuberance has several references to gay behavior amongst the ancestor of all dogs–wolves. My interest is now piqued and I’ll have to read further. Regardless, it is a silly argument. What Dean should simply say is “God, made us straight,” and be done with it. Christians have no need to appeal to biology or any other argument because The Bible trumps all whether it makes sense or not. The reason they feel it is necessary is that we are in a modern society and their fairytales can be embarrassing if not backed up by data.

My problem with guys like Bradlee Dean is that they exasperate the bullying that young homosexuals have to face. Of course suicide rates are going to go up because of bullying and a general lack of acceptance by the community. What if you were told you were an unnatural freak damned by god and to top it off–you may be a child molestor. Fuck Bradlee Dean and fuck all you homophobes and fuck your talking snake Bible! …whew, had to get that off my chest–very unprofessional it jumped out of me.

I’ll have more on Bradlee Dean as he has delightfully made himself a target, but taking inspiration from Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Person” clips, I am naming Dean “A-hole of the Week.”

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