Cal Thomas Insults Maddow over Birth Control

The Huffington Post has an article on Cal Thomas, the conservative curmudgeon, at a CPAC conference in Washington where Cal basically says it would have been better if Rachel Maddow had never been born. Why? Because Maddow, much to her credit, has been exposing the new Republican agenda against birth control. And we’re not talking about handing out condoms to teenagers. If you’ve been watching the Maddow airings on this subject, it is about primarily healthcare coverage of birth control for women of all ages and government rules on who has to provide what.

The reason it “came up” (pardon the innuendo) is Rick Santorum moving ahead in the polls and Maddow showing what Rick actually believes. The man does not like birth control as it leads to sex outside of marriage and is not healthy for society. As if married women don’t use birth control? This isn’t the old Republican ploy for abstinence education. Rick really believes birth control is dangerous and refers to it as “the whole sexual libertine idea.” In other words, people are using sex for fun and they’re not having kids. Whoops, prolifers beware, biology is being usurped–God’s control of the womb is being usurped!

This is 2012, why are Republicans walking backwards? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this bad? Birth control is now a controversy? How can anyone consider Rick Santorum a viable candidate with a personal issue made public like this? Do Republican women hate Obama so much that they’ll vote for a guy who thinks birth control is a bad thing? Birth control is responsible for freeing women from the confines of “domestic bliss” with the only choice of raising kids or being single. And if you think this is an issue of religious freedom, consider that not everyone who works for a religious employer is of the same faith or even believes in God (a Catholic hospital for instance). It’s a basic female health issue to be covered for birth control.

Now Cal Thomas, by indicating that Maddow’s parents should have used contraception, is trying to be funny and he obviously knew his target audience. Basically he could have also said, in reference to Maddow’s past TV special and spots on anti-abortionists, “I wish Maddow’s parents would have aborted her.” …Not as funny, but implies the same thing–he wishes Maddow was not among the living. It’s hard to fault Cal for some mean-spirited humor–the opportunity for sarcasm was there. But what are Cal and the other Republican pundits standing up for? Are they saying Rick’s views on birth control don’t reflect the overall Republican Party? Why is he ahead in the polls? Are they saying it is reasonable for religious institutions to exclude birth control for women from their healthcare benefits? Isn’t it time for us to step out of the dark ages?

What women do you know that don’t use birth control or are against it? Usually they are either pro-life extremists or they are male dominated. Birth control is a nonissue. I don’t care what religion you are, if you’re providing healthcare it is reasonable to allow for coverage for birth control. For Christ’s sake, the Catholic Church can accept the theory of evolution, but they can’t accept birth control? I want to respect separation of church and state but not at the cost of female health and commonsense. Should religious institutions be allowed to not cover certain procedures because they believe prayer should be used instead? There has to be some compromise based on sound medical advice and the fact that, again, we’re living in 2012!

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