Captain Jean-Luc Picard Supports Assisted Death

You can call it assisted death or assisted suicide, I don’t care, the whole point is to allow suffering people to choose their time to die. This is ultimately about human dignity and not succumbing to superstition that demands only the gods get to decide our fates. Patrick Steward, best known for his portrayal of Captain Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation has come out in support of assisted death going so far as to be a patron of Dignity in Dying. has the article and it also notes support by author Terry Pratchett who unfortunately has been diagnosed with Alzheimers, one of the worst diseases to deal with as it steals your mind.

Dignity in Dying actively campaigns for changes in laws that favor the right to die. From their website: “We are a national campaign and membership organisation. With over 25,000 active supporters, we demand greater choice and control to alleviate suffering at the end of life.” You may want to sign up for their email list or even donate.

I find it sad that we have made so little progress in the United States concerning this issue. Dogmatic religion still seems to dominate those who either disagree with the pro-lifers or those who aren’t religious at all. In a free society and at a time of medical innovation, it is time to demand our right to die. This is not done haphazardly. Much care and thought are put into the decision when it happens. It is not an act that anyone takes lightly and that is why it is called “assisted suicide” or “assisted death.”

As medical science progresses and death is extended out until it no longer exists–called transhumanism–Christians may rethink their position. After all, if atheists, heathens and other unbelieving sorts can’t die then they can’t go to hell. What fun would there be in that?

Thank you Captain Jean Luc Picard. Your patronage on this issue is greatly appreciated.

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