Cartoonist Fatwa in Seattle

According to, the FBI has informed Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris that she may be in danger because of a fatwa delivered against her by the cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Oh my effin Lord, has it come to that? Actually, I should be taking Allah’s name in vain–oh my effin Allah (that just doesn’t sound right).

Molly was responsible for the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” cartoon and for drawing random objects named Mohammed–which Freethunk working with 2Laugh will have a tributeĀ  of sorts to later in the month (we’re hoping, unless we get stopped somehow). She is now apparently in hiding like someone with a Mafia hit put on them. At least the Mafia has the good sense to to put a hit on you for interfering with their business income, not if you offend the Pope or Jesus.

This is absurd. We’re in America and some nut in Yemen is out to kill one of our cartoonists? Ironically, al-awacky was born in the United States and moved away. Probably another sexually repressed male who may be out to get Molly based more on her gender than her cartooning skills. How dare a woman make fun of Mohammed! Listen al-Awacky, Mohammed is dead–he doesn’t care if someone draws a cartoon about him. Lift your stupid fartwa and pay attention to the concerns of your own people. I’m sure there are much more pressing problems in Yemen than a cartoon in America making fun of your religious figure.

I looked up more information on Anwar al-Awlaki and according to Wiki he has dual citizenship, both in the US and Yemen. I’m not sure how that works? Cat Stevens got on the Terrorist Watchlist and couldn’t fly on a plane but this guy making threats against Americans hasn’t had his citizenship revoked? This defender of ancient Islam has a blog, a Facebook page and a series of YouTube videos and has been called the “bin Laden of the internet.” Rumor has it that he is a “regional commander” in al-Qaeda.

Al-awacky is dangerous enough that President Barack Obama approved him as a target for killing. With the President of the United States out to kill you what would possess a person to bother with a Seattle Cartoonist. That seems to be the problem with Islam extremism. They will ultimately fail because they make themselves look like clowns and don’t even realize it.

BTW: Doesn’t Molly Norris look like an early Janeane Garafalo?

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