Cher an Anti-Mormon Bigot

Yes, we will be hearing a lot of “I am a victim of Mormon prejudice” in the coming years. This from the church who so actively persecute gay people that members of the Mormon Church are expected to cough up money from savings, retirement, college funds, etc for anti-gay marriage  campaigns (Prop 8).

Cher is the latest victim of this nonsense. She insensitively said: “I Feel if he (Obama) doesn’t get all his DUCKS IN A ROW we’ll b forced 2 listen 2Uncaring Richy Rich! The whitest man in MAGIC UNDERWEAR in the WH (White House).”

Mormons were offended by the use of “magic underwear” because apparently the reverent term is “celestial underwear.” Let’s put it this way, how about you stop believing in under garments that are supernatural and Cher and others will stop making fun of you. This kind of belief is simply dumb.

Mormonism in general is one of the dumbest religions out there. The adherents are actually quite bright, but somehow they have been irrationally suckered into believing in a knock-off Bible sequel, poorly written in a pseudo-King James style. Their founder is a polygamist con artist and the bigotry is not so much about disallowing black members in the recent past as referring to American Indians as the evil Lamanites–as if there’s any historical or archaeologicial evidence for the Nephites and Lamanites anyways–it is a made-up story!

Sometimes stupid ideas should be called stupid and stupid religions called “stupid”! Mormonism is an offense to the intellect. Cher has nothing to apologize for  in regards to “magic underwear.” (Maybe her choice of attire possibly).

SIDENOTE: At best, maybe you could accuse Cher of bringing race into the issue, but I have to say, as a whiter than white guy myself, Romney is pretty much a rich white man stereotype.

SIDENOTE 2: I would still vote for a Mormon if I thought they were the most qualified. It would be nice to think religion isn’t a factor when people vote, but it is. And in some instances, you have to question when someone believes or stands by a belief like celestial underwear? Is that enough to disqualify them from being a good candidate? Probably not, Christians and other religions have strange rituals and beliefs too.

3 thoughts on “Cher an Anti-Mormon Bigot

  1. Mormons have got their garments in a twist? The bigot label they are directing toward Cher is absurd. It’s only about underwear. They ought to remember that even though Cher is not an enrolled tribal member, she is listed on the Native American Music Awards website.

    Mormons need to look at their racist teachings about Native Americans. Cher has much more to be offended by than they do. Indian Country Today recently had an article about racist toys for Mormon children.

    When Mormons protest their own racist scriptures and stop selling toys that show children about cursed skin color, then and only then should Mormons call Cher a bigot over something a stupid as underwear.

  2. Good point, that didn’t even occur to me about Cher’s background/heritage.

  3. I am more liberal than to be a fan of restrictive religions although Cher is a complete slut and owes an apology to many people and groups

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