Christian Attack on Glenn Beck’s New Book

Well finally, someone is being vocal about Glenn Beck’s lovefest on faith for all god believers and those who don’t believe must be lefty atheists. Per World Net Daily, Christian author Brannon Howse, who apparently once stuck up for Beck, is out to peg him as a pagan, new-age anti-Christ and a universalistic Mormon. To be even more blunt, Howse says in his video critique, “Beck’s book is nothing less than a promotion of universalism, postmodernism and pagan spirituality, also known as the New Age movement.”

The book in question is 7 Wonders That Will Change Your Life featuring co-author Keith Ablow (a Dr. Phil wannabe). Ablow is a Fox News expert–which means he’s paid to agree with Fox. Ablow has been dabbling in TV from the start of his career it seems. Wiki says when he was a medical student in 1985 he was the medical editor and producer for Lifetime Medical Television, he wrote his first self-help book for medical students in 1987 and then later on in 2003 he was the executive producer for a CBS pilot starring Matthew Modine. It’s clear he has been looking for a media career more than a medical career (not that I’m against combining the two). I’ve read one or two articles by Ablow and he seems to prescribe “God” instead of simple treatment. Per, he is believed to be Jewish but the author on that site thinks he may be converting to Mormonism if he hasn’t already.

Another article on Glenn's take on Moses if you click the image

Back to Beck, quotes from Glenn Beck’s book, “Mormonism seemed to explain the world and my place in it better than any other faith I had looked at.” Really? Because when I try to read the book of Mormon it sounds like someone was trying to make a bad copy of the King Jamesian language with Thee’s and Thou’s thrown about to sound holy. Not to mention the merits of Mormon archaeology since we haven’t found any evidence of the Lamanites here in North America. From Wiki, “Although mainstream archaeologists, geneticists, and historians do not recognize the existence of Lamanites, adherents of the Latter Day Saint movement typically believe that the Lamanites comprise some part, if not the primary origin, of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, as well as the Polynesian people.” But I guess there’s a difference between “explaining the world” and the actual truth about the world. The truth being that the Lamanites were just made up!

Truth has never stopped the teary-eyed Fox News god-monger. As I posted earlier, he included Moses in his nonviolent special alongside Ghandi and Martin Luther King. The man is truly self-deluded and it seems no one is calling him on his BS, especially his fellow conservatives. I wish Brannon Howse had more name recognition because really it should have been Billy Graham, who Beck boasted recently meeting in his North Carolina home. Graham should have publicly said what Howse did. But when a Mormon or hey, maybe a Jehovah’s Witness becomes popular in the ratings, then the right wing Christian leaders turn into pussies. It’s easy for them to attack the left, the homosexuals, uneducated rock stars, and science that they don’t understand–but when their own doctrine is being twisted–including the divinity of Christ–right in front of them, boy, they seem to cower.

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