Christian Viewpoint on Worst Films of 2010 has an article on the The Best and Worst of 2010 with their votes on what movies were just plain good and didn’t rock the holy boat and what movies were biased and offensive towards Christians. No surprise, Easy A made the list of worst films. My post on whether or not Easy A was Christian bashing has gotten quite a few comments from both sides. I certainly recognize Christian bashing when I see it (I questioned it on True Blood too), however, my view is simply for Christians to make a movie that responds to the hyper-charged films that stereotype Christians. Some people have had the Easy A stereotype experience and some haven’t. I’m also aware of atheist bashing within Christian pop culture, though, I have to say I haven’t come across it as much in film (more album lyrics and books).

Bashing aside, what else made the bad list? I Love You Philip Morris (due to homosexuality) and The Disappearance of Alice Creed (for female degradation)–both films I have not seen but I probably will now.

What made the good list? Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader of course. C.S. Lewis can do no wrong. Tangled and Despicable Me also made the list. I’m noticing a trend: safe, animated films. There were several documentaries of more intelligence including Lord, Save Us From Your Followers. I saw this on instant demand on Netflix. It’s not bad and features the reasonable attitudes of people like Tony Campolo, a prominent Christian speaker who I remember watching at church as a kid when they ran his lecture series on reel to reel (I’m not that old, the church equipment was).

I was disappointed to see that the author Phil Boatwright had this to say about any serious films beyond documentaries and animation: “Unfortunately, I cannot recommend an award-worthy film for grownups by a mainstream studio for those who do not wish to hear profanity or subject themselves to other repugnant movie-making endeavors.”

I would say to Mr. Boatwright, and realize this is coming from a smart ass cartoonist which has a twinge of irony, that this position is one of immaturity. Life is full of profanity and objectionable things that are necessary to include in a script in order to create a realistic film or simply drive home a point. I’m offended by seeing the beating of a near naked man and yet I didn’t see this kind of Christian objection to The Passion of The Christ. Would the whole film had been dismissed if Mel Gibson had Jesus pause for a moment after being whipped and say, “Fuck! That hurts!” I can understand if a movie is intentionally blasphemous and uses the word “Goddammit!” repeatedly or has a speech maligning Christ and all the saints, but casual profanity to reflect how real people are in real life is not cause for dismissal.

I think Boatwright would do well to read a best-of list by say Roger Ebert who has had his moments of being offended (he and Siskel went after slasher films in the eighties as being sexist and pointlessly gory), but understands that certain elements of a film include swearing, adult relationships and sometimes violence. It may be for for effect, realism, exaggeration or a soapbox speech but until uptight Christians come to terms with the difference between film characters and themselves then their chances of addressing unChristian lifestyles is next to zero. For example, I just saw The King’s Speech which is on Roger’s list and it is a wonderful film based on history. Don’t tell me that we had to avoid hearing King George the 6th swear up a storm as his tutor Lionel tried to find the root cause of his stammering. The language was absolutely necessary–it was a film about language and its power! Christians missed out if they didn’t see it because it showed how necessary it was for King George to speak eloquently against Hitler and to do so he had to repeatedly say “Fuck! Balls! Bloody Hell!” and even “Tits! to help release an inner anxiety that was eating him up.

3 thoughts on “Christian Viewpoint on Worst Films of 2010

  1. I almoast tried to see what other films were on their lists and what the reviews were, but then I was javapopup attacked, which upon closing brought to an ad for soul surfer. Lol. Futuristc vampire movies (The Priest) ftw.

  2. Wow so you base your criticism of a film on whether or not it’s compatible with Christian moral standards? Films aren’t about promoting your religion, they’re about telling a story. If homosexuality and christian bashing is too offensive to You, simply say it, but don’t give bad reviews based on that. People aren’t stupid, they’ll know you’re biased and angry.

  3. Funny movie but you need to know what this movie is doing while entertaining us, the main character’s parents are clearly liberals and the father trys to show how much fun liberal parents can be by smoking a joint at the dinner table with their adopted child. The mother also tries to show how much fun liberal parents can be by talking about her sexual exploits as a young girl and just things parents don’t need to share with their children. I was also irritated with the way this movie attacks christianity by trying to make it seem cool to throw stones at christians by showing this over the top group of christians and making it seem that it’s ok to insult christians while trying to help the poor gay boy in the movie so christians are bad and gay is good. The truth of the matter is that even the over the top christians they show in this movie are just your average muslim because muslims live their entire lives around their religion so way more over the top but you won’t ever catch liberal hollywood attacking muslims in a film due to fear for their lives if they did the studio would get death threats and the actors would be in danger so pick on the christians they are easy targets. The movie would have been great if it didn’t attack christians showing what bigots hollywood liberals have become.

    Bottom line is hollywood doesn’t have the courage to attack islam and muslims but they will say that this is just a comedy nothing meant by it well then why not take shots at muslims?

    I can see where kids would come away from this film thinking it’s ok to pick on christians and I know a lot of christians none of them behave like the ones in this film.

    The film does teach us that gay kids have it rough and we should feel bad for them but attack christians what a great lesson but it’s liberal hollywood what can we expect?

    I guess the liberals are just too afraid to confront muslims with a film like this but remember it’s the christians that are bad.

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