‘Christmas with a Capital C’ – Atheists are Grinches

Here’s a movie for you that might have a bias, Christmas with a Capital C, starring former Married with Children and Revenge of the Nerdsstar Ted McGinley and Vampires star Daniel Baldwin. It’s the war on Christmas in the small town of Trapper Falls because the big bad unbeliever comes to town to bring down the public Christmas displays. He’s obviously a bitter man who needs to know the reason for the season. We all know the reason for the season is Christ, right?

Is there a more misunderstood holiday than Christmas and its history by Christians? Let me be clear, Christmas is whatever you want it to be. It started as a pagan winter holiday and the Christian church overtook it. Christians to this day still use paganism and don’t even know it. That’s because religion evolves and absorbs traditions until they are no longer recognizable as pagan. Take the Christmas Tree for instance. It was used to honor a variety of gods before going Christian. I’m not judging  Christians for claiming this tradition as their own–Christmas trees put you in a festive mood, it’s fun. My point is that Christmas is adaptable to your beliefs and unbeliefs. I don’t even care if you want to call it Christmas or the Holiday Season, it’s all the same to me.

Now in relation to this movie premise, well I want tread carefully since I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s pretty obvious that it is inspired by atheist Grinches who want to take away all the fun of public displays of Christ. Usually these same Christians who will whine about atheist persecution are not consistent and would object to other public displays of religous holidays–like Halloween or Pagan Winter Solstice themes. I’m not one of those atheists who really gives a damn if there’s a public display of the nativity as long as our tax dollars aren’t paying for it and as long as we’re careful to recognize that other religions may want a say in the public forum too. Often, the only way to be fair is to stick with simple holiday themes.  In public schools, I would have to say Christmas does violate Separation of Church and State and could be viewed by minority religions or belief systems as indoctrination. Christians need to put themselves in the shoes of other religions to even understand how this might feel. If you’re an Orthodox Jewish family who doesn’t believe in the resurrection then a display of the virgin birth is probably blasphemous–the equivalent of a false god. If you’re a Jehovah’s Witness family then you would definitely object to your kid being exposed to such imagery that has the approval of teachers and school leadership.

ChristianCinema.com says the movie Christmas with a Capital C was inspired by a song of the same name by the band Go Fish. I found their site and their tagline is “Great music for kids that won’t drive parents bonkers.” Basically we’re talking about 3 guys who would be called posers back in the day (do kids still use that term?).

YouTube, on the song for “Christmas with a Capital C,” contains the ignorance of the holiday I’m referring to. Per one comment: “Great song! I have never understood how people who do not believe in Christ can celebrate Christmas. Christmas is all about Christ, thus the origin Christ Mass. If you believe something other than the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the of course you are free to celebrate your own special day, but if you are going to celebrate Christmas, then you must acknowledge Christ. Merry Christmas to all.”

Of course you don’t understand, people aren’t celebrating your “special holiday.” They’re taking your “special holiday” and making it their own. This is what you did in the first place as Christians. Also, if we want to get picky–when is the last time you went to “mass.” That would make it a Catholic holiday and not a Protestant or mainstream nondenominational holiday. You can still celebrate a holiday without being a literalist. Christians hide eggs for their kids and they don’t believe the Easter Rabbit is real. Someone who is not Christian can certainly do the same thing with the virgin birth or just dispense with the title “Christ’s Mass” altogether and term  it “Winter Festivities.”

Unbelievers and atheists should not shy away from the holiday season if they like the festivities, for the same reason you wouldn’t shy away from a Star Wars convention. You don’t have to believe Star Wars is real to partake in the fun. Maybe that’s a ludicrous example, but so is literally believing in a virgin birth and raising from the dead. It is either ancient mythology or modern mythology. Just because Christians don’t have a clue, why should you let them ruin it for you. Besides, there’s more emphasis on the Santa mythology half the time anyways. And I’ve always wondered, if you abstain from Christmas as an atheist, aren’t you giving legitimacy to literalness of Christ? (Ooh, I’m going to hear it on that one.) Wouldn’t it be better to adapt the traditions to humanism and be creative?

I’ll be interested to see Christmas with a Capital C. It’s too bad we couldn’t bring in Ted McGinley’s old buddies The Bundys for a little clarity on the all too sweetness of innocent religion and family values. Small towns are notorious for bigotry as well as religion–and girls getting knocked up by the local boys.

BTW: Need more? How about that we have no record of the date of Jesus’ birth? Why December? Could it be that Christians were competing with Winter Solstice which came before Christmas? Isaac Newton, which Christians like to pull out of history as a great Christian scientist (and who was most likely gay), argued that December 25th was chosen because it fell on the same day as Brumalia, a festival honoring Bacchus. The festivities played out on December 24th or the Eve of the holiday. Sound familiar? (And it was before Christmas!)

People throughout history love their celebrations. Time off from work, good food and drink, colorful displays and an all around cheery mood. Whether it was Winter Solstice or Christmas, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s the winter season and if you want to be an atheist and celebrate mythology–go for it! If Christians want to judge then they need to look around them and see what their celebration includes such as Santa, animated TV specials, yule logs, Christmas trees, mistletoe, shopping and more shopping–what does this have to do with the virgin birth? You celebrate Christmas because it’s fun–take away all these things and you have a boring “Christ” mass.

7 thoughts on “‘Christmas with a Capital C’ – Atheists are Grinches

  1. Jeremiah 10:2 KJV Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. 3* For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. 4* They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. 5 They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.

  2. I see everyday as a holiday or a celebration for Jesus Christ. So if I’m drinking a glass of water on November 5th, buying a gift for someone on March 20th or walking out my front door on October 31st, it doesn’t matter. Perhaps, in the summer, I’ve chosen to decorate the patio and the tree in my back yard with white lights, because it brightens things up and make me feel better. It’s still just decorating. So to even more confuse the writers opion of so called “Christains are a confused bunch”,I even chose to worship and praise the Lord when my daughter was in the hospital in serious pain having an emergenccy operation, over a mistake another hospital made on her a year before. I still worshiped, praised, and celebrated Christ with the mass of my Christlike heart everyday. If someone in the past honored gods with a tree or if trick or treat has originated by evil doers, it really has no effect on my Dec 25 or my October 31st. What I do everday is before God. A God who exist and fills our hearts with light. Sound religous to you, to a settled Christain, it feels more like guidence from our existing Loving God. Christmas is what you make it and so is everday that passes by quickly. By the way, you’ve given yourself too much credit for “Atheist still enjoying Christmas festivities”. You could wear a sign that says,” I’m an atheist and I’m enjoying Christmas anyhow. So take that Christains”. We would probably just smile. You know, the kind Bernie Mac use to give on his tv show. So enjoy December 25th, October 31, April 1st. It’s okay. Your real problem as atheist is not having to battle with words an online article over a Christ believing movie, more it is Christains who will see you as a person who needs prayer. Who knows maybe you could turn out to be another well known atheist that your son or daughter gets saved and then annouces it to the whole world.

  3. As I said in the article, “Christmas is whatever you want it to be.” Make it up as you go along throughout the year too although that defeats the point of making one day special when every day is special (kind of like socialism in a way, everything has to be equal–kidding!)

    Atheists are born to Christians every day. They’re indoctrinated later. I hope anyone’s children are born healthy and bright in this festive season.

  4. I don’t want to come off like I’m battling you. Arguing really isn’t my nature. I realized I was agreeing with your statement, kinda, “Christmas is what you make it”. Each individual has a daily day to make all kinds of decisions.Putting all Christains in a box (wow I bet you’ld like to do that)isn’t good. Unlike the movie,I guess you could say if the day Christmas was taken away as a holiday I wouldn’t be that shook up. My reason of course is what makes you and I different. Mine isn’t because I’m irrated over what other people believe. Honestly, I like to see how others celebrate in different cultures, it doesn’t mean I would neccessarily agree, I just except the fact that people have a right. So as long as it doesn’t mean weird voodoo or some other strange majic. Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ(yes, on the wrong day,even the wrong season). Ialways thought it was because of a Spanish Catholic man who took gifts to the orphanges (children in great need). Even if I am wrong about it origination, I don’t really care. I spent years battling Halloween, as a mom, trying to avoid it but still didn’t seem much harm in it because I only like the cartoony part of it anyhow(the non bloody). Finally, my conclusion is God knows me why should I wrap all my time thinking about a day and just live my day. I really don’t understand what you mean by Atheist born to Christains everyday. Unless you mean, born into a society that is so Christain(that you have to express and make action against it to make other realize you don’t believe what they do. If that is what your saying (I realize I could be still not understanding) I disagree, I see more and more all the time, families who have nothing to do with God and raise their children with no God involvement. The retailors whether Jewish, India, China or USA really want to hold on to this Holiday for taking advantage of making that dollar, which has nothing to do with His birth, but it is what people make it. My heart is cleaner because of His life and raising from the dead and being a living savior, giving me a living word. The movie is about a town fighting to save their way of celebrating their beliefs, something that doesn’t go away after December 25. Really, why the anger. If other people were celebrating their god, making it a holiday would you be that irrated (their saying it’s a god).Perhaps it’s just Christain that irrates you. If so then it’s not them your actually irrated with, it’s Him.

  5. I went back to reread your first article. I wasn’t getting it clear as to what you were saying because sometimes I have to reread and reread agin until it sinks into my brain. I was missing on the part of the comment on the utube. I then decided to ask others what they thought of an Atheist celebrating Christmas, not as a believer but enjoying the expression of the food,shopping, decorating, ect.. Others said they thought it was strange for someone of a different belief or no belief, to participate. So I ask them, why do you call it celebrating Christmas if you or others are telling your kids santas coming? I said many celebrate Christmas with santa. That’s focusing on something fable and keeping themselves safe from too much God in their lives feeling they miss out on all their fun or be critized. I told them that I really didn’t see their point if Christmas if isn’t focused on the birth of Christ. Others are just enjoying the time of the year that so many do participate in. If I met you(writer) in a store, both of us were shopping. We ended up talking while waiting to purchase. I found out you were Atheist. I would say, “I don’t understand?” Why are you celebrating Christmas( to get a conversation going) and you said ” I call it Winter Festivities”. If I felt I didn’t have the freedom from you to keep the conversation going because you really think we are all a tight odd bunch, “I would look at you and say “Well, my best to you and I hope someday you need Him and realize He holds no grudges and will ask Him for help.” I then would not be an ashamed Christain to say something and yet still offering you a gift of love to express as people we are concerned for each other. As to your comment on the obserdness of believing in the virgin birth or one raising from the dead, that threw me. If someone is in an accident and lifts a car to save some, or walks thru a fire to rescue. We’ve seen others living thru terrible car wrecks. Their are things all around us, reports of things that would normally would not believe yet still takes place. I’m not sure I even know what an Atheist believes in or is it a life of believing only in man’s existance. If there is no God, then who has been teaching and helping me change from an adulterer to a wonderful faithful wife and mother. Who gives this shy female, courage to speak to an Atheist who would rather critize others (movie) for their past then believe. Making sure you would understand that God loves you just as much as he does those that do believe. By the way I really disliked the show”Married with children” I never watch it after a show or two but I do love my brother Ted McGinley. If I could change from the mess I was and the way I messed other people lives, then I certainly cannot judge Ted for acting in a really bad immoral tv sitcom. I’ve alway hoped for the best for the Baldwins. I will probably think of you when I see the movie. Merry Christmas

  6. Yes, true, that’s why it’s hard to judge these movies from the trailers. It’s a mixed bag. Some movies are by moderates and some are by the more extreme elements in Christianity. I have yet to review it, but maybe this coming Christmas (or Christmas in July).

    I’m all for freethinkers watching these movies as a family–good for discussion.

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