Church Brawl in North Carolina

I wish this one was on video. According to, The Greater New Zion Baptist Church in Fletcher, North Carolina had a good ol’ fashioned church brawl and the police were called in. Not just one or two cops, but 30 police from five different agencies in the surrounding area. What was the fighting all about? Who should be church pastor.

Keith Knox, one of the members, says he’s embarrassed for he church, but he did what he had to do once he saw his female cousin struck and another one with her hair being pulled. Family is family, the brethren be damned. Knox has roots in New Zion Baptist, his grandparents and great-grandparents helped to found it, but he’s planning on leaving.

What was at stake was that the church was split on either keeping Reverend Levonia┬áRay or finding someone younger with newer ideas. In New Zion such a decision is not made by a church board, it’s a vote by the entire congregation. Welcome to church politics.

Does Christ really make people act any differently than their secular counterparts? This is an extreme and admittedly funny example–I readily admit most Baptists don’t get into fist fights (the entire church should go on Jerry Springer)–but “in-fighting” is pretty common and can get particularly nasty. Again, if the gates of hell will not prevail against the church, why are there so many damned churches in America? The Christian church is divided, not united and their squabbles are as petty as any organization. has a more in-depth article with the aftermath reaction from parishioners. It’s interesting that no one got together and simply prayed for God to make a decision? …Oh right, I forgot. God don’t talk.

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