Cloud Ten Pictures Bashes United Nations

Dalal Mughrabi featured in White Hands Campaign

This may bite me in the ass, but I guess I’m doing some Christian media tattle-telling here.  Cloud Ten Pictures needs to correct one of their articles. Not that I’m perfect myself, but if you read their article on The White Hands Campaign you will see a direct link to their needed correction. I will quote the original article here lest it be changed or deleted once they wake up to their unnecessary UN bashing. Per the Cloud Ten post: “How disturbing is it that the United Nations is somehow involved in this despicable media campaign? This is a group that is supposed to encourage peace and human rights – NOT advocate terrorism!”

The White Hands Campaign is an effort by APUTV (Arab Producers Union for TV) to improve the image of women in Muslim countries and subsequently honor their achievements. Unfortunately, one of their honorees is a woman martyr named Dalal Mughrabi, a suicide bomber from 1978 who killed 37 civilians. I don’t really view blowing yourself up as much of an accomplishment so I agree with Cloud Ten’s assessment–but there’s no need to implicate the United Nations. Especially when the critical article links to contradictory information.

As we know, apocalyptic Christians hate the UN. Why? Because they are part of the conspiracy to elect the AntiChrist to take over the world. …But in this instance, Cloud Ten is wrong. They link to Wikipedia and Wikipedia notes that: “In February 2011, the White Hands Campaign drew criticism for its inclusion of Dalal Mughrabi, a Palestinian terrorist involved in the 1978 massacre of 37 Israeli civilians and an American photographer, in its Distinguished Women series. Consequently, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), whose logo had appeared as a sponsor of the White Hands Campaign, issued a statement denying any involvement and further clarifying that it ‘condemns any acts of violence that take the lives of innocent people.'”

Okay, so, “Watch this,” as Charles Stanley would say.  The accusation of using the UN logo to support the White Hands Campaign on Cloud Ten’s article says Feb 9th.  The text of Wiki’s article on the use of the logo and resulting controversy says February 2011, or rather the month of February is when the criticism occurred and the decision was made by the UN to deny any involvement. The information was last modified on Wiki on Feb 19th (see screen capture). Our Cloud Ten author’s blog post is dated Feb 24th. So at the time the Cloud Ten author was posting he should have checked his Wiki link and seen that the UN denied ever supporting the White Hands Campaign.  …Or at least noted it. Instead, there is just a broad, biased accusation. Why link to Wiki at all?

Of course, I’m sure I’ve made such errors too which is why I ask any Freethunk reader to call me out on them. But the reason I’m being so picky here is that the Cloud Ten author in question is Andre Van Heerden, President of Cloud Ten Pictures and director of the misleading Dragons or Dinosaurs which tries to support creationism through dragon legends and artwork. I’m calling Andre out on this to give a correction or at least note that the UN denial of support. I’m sure  Andre can find other accusations to make of the UN but this one is misleading for any reader who doesn’t take the time to click on over to Wikipedia. At the time he posted, he could have confirmed what Wiki said and it does not appear that he read it.

So sometimes the United Nations does the right thing.

The UN is a huge punching bag for the Christian right and it certainly deserves criticism. However, think about what you’re asking and how amazing that the UN even exists? You’re asking for all the nations of the world to come together and peacefully discuss international issues. This is a good thing as our world history is filled with war as the solution to solve differences, not communication. We’re talking to each other. The ulterior motives of apocalyptic Christians is to undermine this process because they believe that the UN leads to the end times. So instead of providing solutions, they simply want to tear it down (which makes no sense since you can’t stop prophecy can you?)

As for the White Hands campaign–good intentions but wrong role model. The Middle East is progressing though and as a cartoonist who has regularly lampooned suicide bombers and sexist attitudes against Muslim women, I still like the campaign idea as a baby step forward. Hopefully some Islamic women deserving of praise will get their due credit. I’m not really writing here to defend them, though, as I’m well aware of the support for terrorism through Palestinian propaganda. It just seemed to me that the UN got bashed for no reason and unless they’re lying (they are full of politicians) I just wanted to point out the error. Again, per the Wiki article: “It [The UN] stressed, however, that it provided no funding for the White Hands Campaign and that it was ‘neither consulted nor involved in the selection of Arab women to be featured in the initiative.'”

Andre Van Heerden needs to clarify and add a correction to his article, that’s all I’m saying. Screenshots included below. Also Van Heerden needs to wake up and read the Old Testament as his God is also not a god of peace. American Christians are secularized, which is why we progress in our tolerance of each other. Embrace reason, not an unreasonable God.

SIDENOTE: Even Palestinian Media Watch has an article giving the information on the denial of UN involvement. So what is the accusation? That the UN gave permission to use their logo for the White Hands Campaign and then withdrew it? PMW’s article is dated 2/13 with a UN press release dated 2/10 which is still a problem for Van Heerden’s post on 2/24 who acts like there was no denial. I suspect that there was a behind-the-scenes bungling at the UN at the time prior to 2/10 and  the correct authorization wasn’t given without review of what it was being used for. This would be different then intentional support though. For all we know, APUTV simply used the logo without permission.

Andre Van Heerden article with posted date

Wikipedia date of last modified, before Heerden posted his article

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