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You know CNN has gone downhill when they feature a story about a couple that killed their kid with faith (didn’t seek medical help) and then make the leap to a “miracle” at a car accident with a mysterious priest appearing then go to a story about a channel for dogs.

The miracle story was as expected: 1. Car accident with rescuers getting frustrated because they couldn’t free the woman inside. 2. Woman inside wants to pray. 3. Mysterious priest shows up and tells everyone that their equipment will work now. 4. Woman is rescued.

Except, that if you listen carefully you’ll hear the real story: Rescuers were frustrated they couldn’t get woman free from car accident, woman prays and then we’re told more rescuers arrived with new equipment–new equipment that worked! The priest did not perform a miracle on the existing equipment to make it “miraculously” cut through the metal to free the woman. Just like with any job, you may have to get better equipment if what you are using now isn’t working. This has nothing to do with faith or gods.

Also, everyone is saying that the priest mysteriously appeared because there were no crowds and they were along a stretch of highway. CNN did not ask if someone made a cell phone call to find a priest or if the woman trapped inside had access to a cell phone to make a call. And is it possible that there were still people driving by and one of them happened to be a priest? Feel free to chalk it up to coincidence or a miracle, but we have the same problems as always with these miracles–the hand of god did nothing, it was all technology and human effort. If CNN had done their job they would have located the priest and interviewed him (as from all accounts, it was a flesh and blood priest).

This is the poorest reporting I’ve seen yet on CNN and I expect it from FOX News, but not them. When you search the web you don’t find CNN listed for this story, you find other outlets like where they say: “That’s when a Catholic priest appeared, though there were no other bystanders nearby, to offer not only a prayer but a calming voice to the rescuers whose equipment had been unable to free her. Soon additional gear arrived to finish the job, but when crew members turned to thank the priest, he was gone.” This begins to sound like an urban legend.

So CNN appears to have been following the crowd on a nonstory. No one seems to be applauding the couple that killed their son with faith healing because they believed only god could heal their son and not medical intervention–these are the true believers. The supposed believers that make up miracles out of coincidences and human intervention are the phonies.

SIDENOTE: As always, even with the superstition, we’re glad the woman was rescued.

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