CNN Staging Muslim Demonstration Is A Hoax But…

CNN was accused by Michael Cernovich (associated with the Alex Jones show) of staging a Muslim demonstration in the wake of the June 2017 attack in London. Terrorist attacks are becoming harder to remember which one is which but this one involved three Isis supporters in a van mowing down pedestrians and then jumping out and stabbing random people at the Borough Market. 

The video when originally watched looks damning. It appears like CNN, after setting up its cameras for a report, is bringing in Muslim women with demonstration signs and positioning them. They could be paid actors or activists who are not even Muslim but want to show Muslims are peaceful. This is where we have to dissect the truth because the alt right called it out as fake news.

Always check first before swallowing the conspiracy bait. Here’s the link to the Snopes article.

The lie is that these Muslim women were not already present with their demonstration. Conspiracists are pushing a hoax relying just on the video footage (it’s hard to blame them). The truth is that this is a CNN staging. Snopes denies this is staging as this is a common practice by media outlets–“For those not familiar with live news production, it is actually not that uncommon for hosts and producers to arrange protesters or pedestrians behind reporter to provide a varied background.”

I don’t care if it isn’t uncommon, it’s still the wrong thing to do unless you’re covering the country fair and you want to show all the first prize winners in one shot. This is not a fluff piece, this is about terrorism. To me, this was an unwarranted staging. CNN or any other news organization should not be creating background scenes for their “live” reporting, especially when it is something as important as determining the voices of reason. Look how much damage this is has now done with trying to determine the truth!

The Muslim women with the signs were not paid, they were already on the sidelines with their signs of empathy and support for the victims. However, they were positioned like extras in a film. And quite frankly, this was hardly a mass protest by Muslims if these are the few women they had available (or were there more but only a few were pulled out? How would we know?). There are other Muslim voices to be heard as well–I do not know one way or the other what the British Muslim community really thinks concerning these events. It’s doubtful that they would support ISIS. Such authoritarianism would affect them too.

Honest reporting would have a reporter come on to a scene of protest, give a rundown of events, camera pan across the protest to show how it really is and interview a protestor or two on their views (without prompting them what to say). There shouldn’t be a reason to stage background scenes in order to make the story more dramatic or to embellish a narrative. CNN easily emboldens conspiracists and accusations of fake news because this is partially fake news and those of us wanting to know the truth have to second guess it and then dig deeper. We shouldn’t be excusing CNN because this is just “how live news does it.”


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