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This might be what you call a “novelty” rap song which turns off purists, but it’s the most informative rap I’ve come across on evolution and creationism. I do like how Baba Brinkman (featured in the video) presents the different viewpoints within the video, switching from character to character. Nice job overall because it isn’t easy making a video when it’s just one person.

Rap seems to be one of the best forms of music for apologetics ¬†and scientific debate and even philosophy. When I was a Christian I used to listen to several rappers like P.I.D (Preachers in Disguise) (saw them live actually), Apocalypse (obscure, but was tougher than most Christian rappers) and S.F.C (Soldiers For Christ). Now as a freethinker I’m seeing more atheist and philosophical rappers emerge, some of whom I’m going to discuss later.

Baba Brinkman has more of his videos at the Rap Guide to Evolution. If you’re not a bookworm (blasphemy!), here’s a way to get an introduction to evolutionary theory.

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  1. At my church we are having a series on Wedsday evenings called the Truth Project. Last time, it was all about debunking evolution, and it continues next week. There was a discussion afterwards where the pastor invited everyone to share any questions they might have.

    Oh, man. There was SO much I could have said that they wouldn’t have liked. There many falshoods in the video and stuff said during the discussion. I could have started by saying pointing out evolution itself as an example of intelligent design when the pastor asked everyone to point out the glory oof God in nature. But I didn’t argue. Why? Becuase I know very well that they just wouldn’t understand. And it would not help matters at all.

    The basic problem with the Truth Project (which I didn’t mention), in common wiht a lot of other things in today’s church, is that it purports to be Christ-centered, but it’s actually culture-centric. The whole thing is about saving Christian culture form the tide of encroaching secularism, as I believe I’ve said before. Otherwise, Creationism would not exist. There is virtually nothing in these meetin is about the actual teachings of Christ. Where, for example, in the New Testement, does Jesus talk about gender, roles, sexuality, or the evils of evolution? Granted, these things didn’t threaten religious culture back then–Christ himself did. Which i why the Pharisees betrayed Him. For threatening their worldview.

    Culture War Christianity is basically Darwinian-yep you heard that right. It is concerned with the culture’s survival. Much of what I’ve read in publications distributed by my own church back this up.

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