Dan Savage’s Death Wish for Republicans

Sometimes we say things we regret because they don’t come out right. On Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time, Dan Savage replied after a comment made by Bill about how Republicans were similar to Arafat and said this: ” Unfortunately not exactly like (Arafat). I wish they were all fucking dead.” It was an ignored comment, almost under his breath at the end of it, and then the female guest chimes in. Apparently, this has upset Republican watchdog groups.

Everyone says something stupid at some point if they are constantly speaking in public forums and Savage should have reconsidered his words, but then for Republicans to be shocked and jump all over a side comment is pretty ridiculous too. He obviously didn’t mean it literally, his Dad is a Republican, and his sarcasm was aimed at the Republican leadership (as the conversation was on the debt ceiling) and not Republican voters. But if Republicans are going to get their panties in a bunch about out of control gay activists consider this: how many Republicans get beat up or killed on an average basis compared to gay people? Who is told regularly that they are not allowed to get married and they’re going to Hell for their lifestyle?  How many gay Republican teens commit suicide because they are constantly harassed and bullied at school? I think it’s fine to call Savage out on his comments, but let’s put things into perspective about those “radical gay activists.”

For those accusing the media of giving Savage a pass on what he said, yeah, I would bet MSNBC ignored the story, but I found this information as a home page story on The Hollywood Reporter. It includes Savage’s retraction and apology. If you watch the video clip you’ll see it was hardly a big deal.

I did try to see if I could find the story on Fox News, where you would expect it (it may be buried in there somewhere) and came across a featured criticism of Bill Maher by Hannity. The article title teaser suggests that Bill Maher makes sexist comments in the video about Michele Bachmann. I was amused to see that his jokes were the furthest thing from the case. He doesn’t even use the word bitch or anything more offensive than “crazy” or “nincompoop”.  Republicans are trying to claim moral supremacy on sexism? I guess that’s admirable, but they need to know what it is first. Calling Palin or Bachmann stupid is not sexism. Saying they’re stupid because they’re female, that would count towards sexism. As someone who would not be adverse to voting for a smart female Republican if she appeared (I’m one of those moderates who goes by the candidate, not the party), Palin and Bachmann do not come off as the best and brightest–sorry. I felt the same way about Bush when Christians defended him simply because he advocated their religion and we all know he’s sort of slow. There are smarter Republicans, let’s admit it.

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