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ChristianCinema.com has a feature article on Darek Isaacs who along with Andre van Heerden came up with with documentary “Dragons or Dinosaurs.” It is an attempt to refute evolution by exploring all the dragon legends throughout the world with the conclusion that dragons are actually dinosaurs.

Coincidentally, I have a copy of Dragons or Dinosaurs this week from Netflix. I have watched half of it and I plan to review it but I need to start from the beginning because the problem with the documentary is that its single-minded premise is really just one big conclusion with no supporting evidence. Sure there are dragon legends, but do all roads lead to living dinosaurs? As my wife said upon reading the DVD description (after saying, why did you rent this?), “Well, why would they think dragons are dinosaurs? Maybe someone saw some dinosaur bones and imagined a dragon from that?” You have to realize that my wife is not an atheist and we argue about God, ghosts and demons all the time, but in this instance she saw the obvious problem without even seeing the documentary.

If dragon legends and imagery are dinosaurs then we can apply the same logic to other monster legends and even bigfoot legends. What if an evolutionary scientist came out with a documentary that all the sightings and artwork concerning sasquatch proved the existence of a living Neanderthal? Do the countless sightings of mermaids and sirens by horny seafaring men prove the existence of women with tails? Do fairy sightings prove there are tiny female creatures with wings. Do all the witch sightings during the witch hunting craze prove witches existed at one time?

I will try to go more into how ridiculous the argument can get with the movie review, but suffice to say you see how Dragons or Dinosaurs is no better than cryptozoology or even worse when you consider that many cryptozoologists at least acknowledge evolution. Darek Isaacs’ thesis is that dragons prove humans once lived with dinosaurs. I wish people would stop to consider the ramifications of having a T-rex living in your backyard.

Nevertheless, the article on Darek Isaacs traces his background that prepared him for this momentous film, he worked in real estate. Hey, whaddya know? Darek and I have something in common. I once worked for a mortgage company and got to see how the lying, unscrupulous bastards involved in making loans and selling real estate acted on a day-to-day basis. Not that Darek was one of them, but if he was in sales he learned to manipulate human emotions, I guarantee you.

Prior to real estate, Darek was in the Christian music distribution business in South Africa. After moving into the real estate market he became convinced that he had a calling and wrote the book “Extinction of Evolution.” I’m going to put it on my list to read, but I’m suspicious that due to Darek’s career background he may not have the scientific credentials to write such a book. I’m not disputing that some creationists are legitimately working in scientific fields but these books on evolution’s demise tend to be written by people like doctors, dentists, veterinarians and–real estate professionals? After Darek’s opus he felt he had a calling to expose Darwin and reveal that dragons were quite possibly dinosaurs in disguise. He got together with Cloud Ten Pictures and the rest is history, an alternate history that is.

Putting aside dragons, the article goes on to tell how disappointed Darek was in Darwin. He says that most of us don’t know the real Darwin. “My first book goes into that very deeply, and a lot of evolutionists get very angry with me because I expose what Darwin really was: a very bitter, angry man.”

You know what, I can’t dispute that until I read more on Darwin’s personal life and personal writings. I have read quite a bit on Darwin’s theory, but as for his personal life I am mainly familiar with Darwin’s emotional crisis over the death of his daughter Annie. Maybe Darwin was bitter about certain aspects of his life or the criticism he faced. Darek continues to say that Darwin was a racist bigot and sexist…well, sure, but we could say that about the heroes of The Bible, the leaders of the Christian church, and God in general.  The problem Darek has here is that he can’t separate the flaws of the man from the validity of the science. There are many geniuses throughout history in varying fields that were, for a lack of a better word, assholes. Voltaire (who I use as a freethinking example), for instance, was an anti-semite. Martin Luther was absolutely an anti-semite. But if you ask most mainstream protestants and nondenominational Christians if Martin Luther was correct in parting ways from the Catholic Church, they will say yes.

I will again not dispute, that relative to our times, Darwin could be deemed a bigot and a sexist. I will also not dispute the history of evolutionary science is filled with bigoted arguments as is Christianity. The difference is that science allows for debate while Christianity is supposed to be fixed truth–but somehow Christianity seems to update according to modern times even as we can go back into The Bible to catalogue rules and regulations on killing homosexuals, women, witches and tossing all nonChristians into hell (that last one is pretty damn bigoted to me).

Science is not dependent on Darwin’s personal prejudices. It is Darwin’s ideas that have been hammered out into the theory of evolution we know today by passing through both bigoted scientists and nonbigoted scientists who did rigorous testing and loud debate. Creationists like to say evolutionists are a chorus of agreement and then they like to try to use quotes from individual evolutionists to dispute evolution because one scientist was debating another. Science is a hotbed of debate! If you put your theory out there, you are going to get slammed, not patted on the back by other scientists saying, “Good job, way to go. We all have to do our part to keep people from believing in God.”

Do we need to get a panel of black evolutionary scientists to point this out? Racism is a red herring to distract from the big picture of Natural Selection. Racism can be found in religion, politics, and science all throughout history. It does not mean a damn thing when it comes to the science itself. It is an emotional argument much like the idea that we cannot accept evolution because evolution is not moral and if we come from apes what’s to stop us all from killing and raping each other. Nonsense. Truth is truth and it requires evidence. Truth is not faith.

I’ll be back on this same subject with a movie review of Dragons or Dinosaurs.

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