Dead Fish, More Signs of the End

When this many dead fish appear, you know someone somewhere is going to jump to a supernatural conclusion. But, again, it’s just nature being nature.

According to, thousands of sardines and other small fish washed up on the shores of Redondo Beach in California, all dead. Boy, that oughta smell. Biologists, while still open to other theories, have concluded that the poor fish were oxygen starved after a storm drove them into a closed-off pier. Fish and Game spokesman Andrew Hughan told reporters it was just like what a fisherman told him, “…this is natural selection.” ¬†Well, somewhat “natural selection” if this was a man-made pier area that the fish got stuck in, but I guess nature did help with a storm that confused the fish.

While the cleanup for the city is estimated at 100,000, the seals and other wildlife are benefiting with a nice, fat meal. Nature takes care of nature, but a public beach can’t clean itself up for the residents.

So am I poking fun in advance of apocalyptic Christians when they see all these dead fish? Not really, they’ve already made prophetic comments and speculations on dead fish and other en masse dead animals. Prophecy Dude reminds us of Revelation 8:9: “…one-third of all things living in the sea died, and one-third of all the ships on the sea were destroyed. ” While he doesn’t think this is a definite sign of the end, he does say, “…hopefully these unusual events with birds, fish, and whatever other creature will stir them to draw closer to God to where their relationship with Him will become better established.” I’m sure that was God’s intention when he killed a thousand fish, talk about taking care of your creation.

Yahoo Answers already posed the question about both dead birds and dead fish with a multitude of responses. One Christian, while again not committing to anything definite, says, “But I refuse to believe all of these events are just simply coincidental.” In other words, there have been dead fish and birds and climate change and earthquakes and wars and famines throughout history–but now it’s too much to be coincidence. Frankly, it was worse in the past if you want to compare church politics, famines and wars, possibly the only difference is that the church (mainly we’re referring to the Catholic Church) got away with more because there was no media to air their dirty secrets. A more intelligent response on Yahoo Answers was from this commenter: “Yes, everything unusual is a sign of the end of the world.” and she adds (rolls eyes).

Getting away from dead fish, if you want to know 12 signs that the end is near then read Father Andrew’s summary with a quote from Father Seraphim Rose. I’m very familiar with Father Seraphim Rose, a charismatic figure from The Greek Orthodox Church I unsuccessfully tried to join after getting tired of the nonsense of the mainstream church. Of course I never met Father Rose as he was long since dead, but I did read the tome that was his biography. The man was trying to escape the humdrum life of our everyday work (from academics to the mundane of just earning a buck) and literally committed suicide by going survival-style monastic out in the woods and ignoring an intestinal disorder (isn’t there some basis for suicide when you refuse to go to a doctor and let an ailment kill you?). What a shame as he was obviously intellectually-gifted. His writings are very influential amongst Eastern Orthodox followers, but he was one guy looking for the end to come and sped it along by not taking care of his “temple.”

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