Demon Eyes Next to Christmas Tree

I’m posting this in regards to a little holiday amusement my wife had while using her iPhone. She was trying to take a picture of our Christmas tree in the dark, which didn’t turn out, but when she moved her iPhone camera to the left of the tree she saw two glowing red eyes. That caught her off guard and she lowered the iPhone and saw nothing except the sparkling lights of the tree.

So then she nudged me and said look at this, as I was relaxing on the loveseat next to her. “There’s demon eyes.”

Now my wife, even though she still watches those inane ghosting hunting shows, has gotten to the point where she’s skeptical first before jumping to conclusions (I take credit for that, but she’ll deny I had anything to do with it). She wasn’t thinking it was actually a demon yet, she just couldn’t explain the glowing eyes and it was creeping her out.

I took the iPhone and panned over from the Christmas tree and saw the same thing too. When I lowered the iPhone it was gone. I have to admit, it was kind of creepy. But of course, the correct thing to do in a situation like that (which might take some bravado depending on how superstitious you are) is to stand up and walk over to where the supposed apparition is. And so I did.

To pinpoint where the eyes were I used the Wii controller which lights up when you tap it and then moved it around until my wife said it was right over the eyes. We turned on the lights and all we could see was the flat screen TV on the wall. Well, maybe that was doing it, but there were no red lights on it?

We turned off the lights again and pinpointed again. Aha! Very simple. It was the Wii bar. If you don’t have a Wii, you might not know that you have to slap on a motion sensor bar to your TV for the gaming system to work. This bar, after briefly reading how it works, uses infrared LEDS. The iPhone can apparently see this infrared and in this instance it appears like two evenly spaced eyes. Maybe any camera would see these two lights, so it may not be just the iPhone–I’m not geek enough to know.

Now if you look at the photo after the fact, it is easier to tell. They look like robot eyes. When you’re in the dark with the red glow it’s a little more realistic.

I’m sure someone a bit more tech savvy would have picked up on it quicker, but I just throw this out as a tiny example that when you see something that is unexplained in a photo don’t cringe and run away with the creepy giggles so you can tell all your friends you saw a ghost. Most likely it is something very ordinary. The moment of creepyness and figuring it out is kind of amusing, and yes, maybe the eggnog was spiked too…

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