‘Django’ Upsets The Christian Film & Television Commission



And if you’re thinking, “Who cares!?” I agree. According to ChristianCinema.com, The Christian Film & Television Commission, or CFTC for short, wants Quentin Tarantino’s new film Django slapped with a NC17–the kiss of death rating for theater releases as most theater chains won’t play NC17 films.

What’s the reasoning in comparison to other violent films? Ted Baehr, founder of CTFC believes Django ends with two of the most violent scenes he’s ever seen in 27 years of reviewing films. Certainly, it is nice of Ted Baehr to watch all the previous violent films for his Christian community so they don’t have to in order to have this knowledge. I assume he does the same for films with nudity.

If you’re going to see a Quentin Tarantino film you know what to expect. Long periods of pointless conversation and then loads of violence. What Christian is thinking to himself that it would be appropriate based on his or her conservative faith to see any Tarantino film and thus Tarantino’s brand alone is warning enough–unless you’re a complete moron.

The CFTC is another pointless advocacy group critiquing the entertainment industry. Ted Baehr is quoted in this article with the old standby, “As countless research studies and recent events in Connecticut have shown, some young boys and men like to imitate the violence they see in movies, TV, and video games.”  And again, he never mentions that violence is actually going down overall in the United States, albeit not fast enough for some.

We then have the Newtown shootings of course which make Baehr’s complaint seem relevant and yet from what I’ve read, cleaning up entertainment would have done nothing to have stopped Adam Lanza from doing what he did. He was a disturbed individual with access to guns and a grudge against his mom and society.

If you want to point to isolated events of violence and claim the influence of violent entertainment  please explain why there isn’t more violence?  The video game industry appears to be surpassing the movie industry in sales of interactive violence which should plunge our youth into anarchy. We should hear about surburbia going up in flames every day like some cheezy 80s apocalyptic film.

CTFC and Ted Baehr can spend their time more wisely if it is supposed to be for the sake of an ideal Christ. Charities that address the poor, mental needs or provide education should be on the priority list instead of ministries (cloaked as “commissions” or otherwise) that review movies or music (because it’s the sexy thing to do). Take care of a person’s physical and mental health and give them a job and I’m betting you will cut down violence far better than criticizing Django.


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