Don Wildmon Pushes Anti-American Buttons

I previously posted on Kirk Cameron’s release Monumental and suggested that Christians believe in collective guilt which is anti-American. Americans believe in individual responsibility and not a socialistic idea of shared guilt. So here’s Don Wildmon of the American Family Association pushing “I Pray for America” buttons and there it is again in the first paragraph of this email promotion: Collective Sins!

Sorry, I’m responsible for my own “sins” not yours and yours and yours–and certainly not for Adam and Eve’s. I also shouldn’t have someone else paying for my sins no matter how perfect they are with a blood sacrifice.

Incidently, is it Biblical to boast of your prayers? Matthew 6:3 refers to the needy and not letting the right hand know what the left hand is doing. The analogy is to do your good works in private–which as far as I’m concerned includes prayer instead of politicizing it. Should you really be wearing a button announcing you pray?

BTW: I have no idea what a “Churck” is? But it scares me they come in packs.

2 thoughts on “Don Wildmon Pushes Anti-American Buttons

  1. You actually have to pay more to get the Churck pack than if you but the buttons and stickers by themselves. Nothing fails like prayer … except Xian arithmetic

  2. Good eye, I didn’t even think to consider checking the math on the pricing. Way to stick it to the churches, Don!

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