Draw Muhammad Day, Friendly Atheist Selections

Quick news bite here. If you like looking at different versions of Mohammed then take a look at the submissions to The Friendly Atheist website. It’s similar to seeing a big fridge covered in drawings.

Per Hemant, The Friendly Atheist, “Why should we draw Muhammad? Because Muslims say we can’t. ” That may sound simple but it is. Another way to put it is that Muslims don’t own free speech concerning their own religion. They may think it is offensive to draw their holy man, but nonMuslims do not. In a free society we are allowed to do this and show what  a ridiculous rule that is, made all the more ridiculous with the violence that has been involved over Mohammed cartoons in general.

In particular, I liked the Mohammed images displaying the peace sign. It’s a satirical jab, but all we’re saying is enough, guys. It’s not necessary to get so upset about a line drawing. Even if it is determined to be wrong, it is more wrong to use physical violence to protest.

Hemant says, “Feel free to spread them around as you wish” so grab the ones you like and Facebook them, blog ’em, or whatever you do online. I thought this one below was a nice graphic.

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