Duck Dynasty to be on 700 Club

By Jeff Swenson

Oh boy, duck hunters for Christ!

How does this make any sense? God creates a duck by intelligent design so man, made in his image, can make a product to mimic the duck call so that said man can blow the beautifully designed duck in the chest to eat it, stuff it and mount it?

Mind you, I have nothing against duck hunting, but the combination of duck hunting and faith? It’s ridiculous.

Duck Dynasty will be appearing on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club this coming Wednesday. For what reason, I don’t know?

SIDENOTE: According to Wiki, while Phil Alexander Robertson (no relation to Pat) is adept at creating duck call devices, he’s a big technophobe. He’s proud that he doesn’t own a cellphone or computer (but he’s happy to appear on TV). Why am I not surprised? I’m the first to bitch about learning new technology as it is a pain in the ass, but I can’t stand technophobes. The cellphone and the computer have done more for humanity than prayer ever did.

2 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty to be on 700 Club

  1. One way to go about promoting your ideology or your television show is to get some celebrities to put on a show with you. You wouldn’t think of these guys as celebrities so much, but they *are* on television. 700 Club might get some crossover viewers.

    But why duck hunters? Who else are they going to get?

    When I saw this post, I immediately thought of this Doonesbury cartoon:

    (If the URL no longer works when you’re reading this: Reince Priebus calls Sid the agent looking to put together a Celebrity Task Force to support the republican party. Sid informs him that there aren’t any A-list celebrities that support the republicans. By the 04/13 episode, somebody is suggesting “Clint Eastwood and three empty chairs”.)

  2. Ha, yeah. I’m sure we could gather a Christian celebrity task force but politics is bound to break it apart, not to mention theology and personal bickering.

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