Dumbest AFA Article Title on Unbelievers Ever

In the December 2012 AFA Journal, which I actually like reading for a different viewpoint every month, I came across the article with the dumbest title ever: “If there is no God, why do unbelievers fight against Him?” It’s written by staff writer Stacy Long who admittedly looks young so I’m hoping that’s the reason why she would write such nonsense.

The assumption that unbelievers are fighting against an actual god is mind-blowingly stupid. Let’s reword the article title so Christians of this type might be able to comprehend: “If there is no Allah, why do Christians fight against Him?”

In other words, just because you criticize another religion it doesn’t mean you believe in their god as a literal figure. You believe their religion is superstition and that it has a harmful effect on the mind or you are simply concerned about the truth or fairness in how government treats unbelievers. I have yet to meet an atheist  in America who does not support freedom of religion, they just don’t want government promoting religion.

The article itself concerns the banning of Nativity scenes on public grounds (tax payer supported by all) with one of the villains being the Freedom From Religion Foundation for insisting government not show religious preference with the propaganda of the Nativity scene. Then she goes into ancient history about the Ottoman Turks sealing The East Gate to prevent Christ’s prophesied return? And Muslims building a cemetery in front of the gate because they believed a Jewish rabbi (Jesus) would not be able to pass through a graveyard (more superstition).  As if The East Gate had any relevance to a secularized society that understands not all of its citizens are Christians. Also, Muslims ARE believers, just not in Jesus Christ. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is made up of actual unbelievers.

The article concludes with the implication that Christians are fighting the good fight for Christ as well as the the hope of his return by putting up Nativity scenes.

Let’s be clear, atheists and other unbelievers are not fighting against a literal god, they are fighting against the believers of the imaginary being in question (hopefully in a civil manner though tempers flare)–and in many ways, they are actually wanting to help believers understand what a waste it is to appease the imaginary; a mythology that has been passed down through time. As an ex-Christian, I know the difference between believing and not believing and I honestly don’t believe in god (s). When I criticize “God” it is a critique of Christian faith or another faith, but not a literal being. Metaphor may be used, artistic representation may be used to drive home a point, but it is all for show.

This confusion is one of the biggest mistakes of fundamentalist Christians. Somehow, it doesn’t register that someone can’t believe in their god until you point out they are an atheist towards any other god but their own…then maybe–just maybe– it slowly sinks in.

Why are atheists so active?  Plenty of reasons from science education to moral and social issues to preventing future extremism and ignorance.

Unbelievers are in the minority and if you don’t believe in a religious viewpoint, how comfortable are you with having it rammed down your throat every holiday season? I like the holidays, generally speaking in my own twisted manner, but I understand the objection to city governments pushing one religion over another (or unbelief) on public grounds when they are supposed to be impartial. There are so many damn churches with land it is laughable that this is even an issue. Where I work, I am surrounded by three separate churches so close in proximity that they cause traffic problems both arriving and leaving. There is no missing the lawns and sidewalks with colorful Christmas displays and signage of the “Christmas message.” Add to that the popular entertainment that supports the Christ myth from cartoons to Jesus films to radio Christmas songs and Christians don’t have to worry about the public being thoroughly brainwashed.

SIDENOTE: The closest title that comes to a “god-hater” is actually an anti-theist and unfortunately it also causes confusion among believers. The anti-theist still does not believe in god but takes it one step further, they are opposed to the idea of a god or specific gods for reasons varying from the immorality of an all-powerful being to subservience to any almighty creature that works only for its own glory. Basically it means, they’re opposed to theism and organized religion dedicated to theism. You might wonder why there is a need for such a distinction and it is simply because some atheists, while they don’t believe, are not opposed to religion. They may think it has certain beneficial effects, etc or that an all-powerful god may be a nice idea.

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  1. “The assumption that unbelievers are fighting against an actual god is mind-blowingly stupid.”

    But it is true.

    And this is your very first comment on this article in all this time.

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