Dying To Protect Muslim Women On Portland’s Light Rail

I hated hearing this story because I’ve played this scene in my head numerous times. What would I do if someone was being either verbally attacked or physically attacked for any reason. For the two men who died with a third man injured they had to make the decision to confront a no holds barred racist.

Per the story from Fox News, suspect Jeremy Joseph Christian threatened two teenage girls who apparently both were Muslim (one was wearing a hijab). This in a confined light rail car in downtown Portland, OR. Per CNN, the names of the two men who died intervening are Ricky John and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche. The suspect fatally stabbed them.

Considering how liberal Portland is, it’s surprising to hear about fatalities from a racist, but obviously this man was directing all his anger and frustration for the dissatisfaction in his own life on Muslims. And, after looking at the photos of him at the Free Speech Rally in Portland, he may be influenced by the Trump nationalistic climate–correction! He liked Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders? He apparently didn’t like anyone who wasn’t patriotic enough for him. Another incident where that shows you can’t assume anything because I admit it, when I saw him wrapped up in the flag I thought “Trump supporter.”

Everyone who intervened or spoke up used moral courage because obviously we can’t allow this kind of behavior–regardless of what faith you are or if you have no faith at all. It comes at a cost though, which is why I’m still playing the scene in my head. What would I do?

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