Edie Winsor, a Beautiful Lesbian Marriage Unrecognized

I’m a guy who is apt to make fun of chick flicks but this video from the ACLU broke my heart. Yes, surprise-surprise, the atheist is on the ACLU email list and received an update on the lawsuit¬†of Edie Winsor versus our US Government for recognition of her marriage to Thea Spyer who passed away in January of 2009 from MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

As usual marriage comes down to legal issues and Edie got hit hard on inheritance taxes which would not have happened if her Canadian marriage was recognized. If I had it my way, I’d take the government out of the marriage business altogether but as long as tax breaks are involved the gay community has every right to stand up and demand the same considerations as heterosexual couples.

If you have a moment sign the online pledge in support of Edie Winsor. I don’t care if you do think homosexuals are going to hell and shouldn’t be married–does the Bible say anything about lesbians not getting tax breaks? Look at this sweetheart of a woman in the video, she reminds me of a dear grandmother who brings you coffee¬† in the late afternoon so you can have a nice chat.

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