Evangelist Keeps Wife in Freezer

I’m focusing on evangelists this week as they are just a mixed bag of horrors. Per BlackAmericaWeb News, Alabama evangelist Anthony Hopkins (yes, that’s his name) killed his wife and stuffed her in a freezer. The incident happened after his wife caught him molesting a girl.

The whole chain of events and sick lifestyle of Hopkins came out in trial where he was finally sentenced to life plus 51 years (I guess in case there is life after death). Ironically, Hopkins was arrested while preaching at a tent revival. I wonder what the sermon was on? Probably about “not stuffing your wife in a freezer” as evangelists are prone to telling us one thing and doing just the opposite.

This is yet another example that exposure to religion makes no difference on whether a ┬áperson moral. In fact, as suggested by The Young Turks in the video below, we need to be wary of those selling morality. One telling quote from the BAW News article was what Assistant District Attorney Ashley Rich said about how Hopkins kept his family in line. “She said he taught the eight children in his home things about the Bible that were not true and that helped him get away with his crimes for years.” In other words, his family, specifically his eight children, didn’t read the Bible for themselves or question their father. When you set a book up as an unquestionable authority without anyone reading or understanding it, you can manipulate anyone.

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