Evolution as a Comic Book?

Or rather, excuse me, Evolution as a “graphic novel” as some of the higher intellect object to the term comic book. But yes Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth is comic book style art telling the story of how life on earth began. I found the story on CampQuest.com where the descriptions says, “…featuring scientist Bloort 183 as he explains the evolution of life on the strange alien planet Earth to King Floorsh 727 and his heir Prince Floorsh 418.” It appears to be in the context of alien life studying earth.

The publisher MacMillan boasts, “An accessible graphic introduction to evolution for the most science-phobic reader.” The concept is to make learning about evolution as painless as possible, which basically means graphic novels/comic books are a dumbed-down “fun”format for us all. Fair enough. I would like to think that graphic novels share the same footing as fine literature, but in this case, for the purposes of marketing it makes sense; the targeted goal is to make the study of the earth’s origins more enjoyable to learn in a narrative format. Certainly the description is not exactly complimentary to the graphic novel genre as we could say this is art embracing science and not just illustrated science for the sake of teaching the reluctant individual.

The artists involved are Kevin and Zander Cannon, with writing duties by professor of biology and comics author Jay Hosler–see his homesite. For a quick look at Hosler’s wit read the one page satire “Darwin Saves the World.” The characters within the story were also featured in the book The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA by Mark Schultz. Turning science into comics is Hosler’s personal goal and we applaud him. Yes, it’s not recommended for the biologist trying to discover new life, but as an aid to the American public who still gets evolution wrong and is poorly educated on the subject. Again, I don’t like to think of this just as a teaching tool, but the comic arts mixing with science to create a Freethunk mixture.

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