Ex-Muslims Need Financial Support

The Freethinker is reporting that CEMB, The Council For Ex-Muslims of Britain, is in need of financial support. In these tough times, who doesn’t need help, but CEMB provides rare support for former Muslims and becoming an ex-Muslim is filled with perils including threats and loss of family and friends. Maryam Namazie, spokesperson for the organization, came out with the appeal on the 21st and summarized the good work the group is doing. They are one of the few refuges for ex-Muslims trying to escape Sharia law and the retribution that comes with being an apostate.

If you think it’s bad being an ex-Christian, ex-Jehovah’s Witness, or ex-Mormon, I would guess it’s about ten times worse leaving the religion of Islam. Most importantly, ex-members need other ex-members for emotional support.  I’m sure many atheists understand how that goes as we have the tendency to be isolated so that we can be easily picked off by the religious majority. A cantankerous bunch we are, but we still need to have each others’ backs.

The Freethinker provides information on how you can donate and what they are especially asking for is if contributors can consider making donations on a monthly basis, even as low as 3 pounds which equals $4.80030 USD per the nifty currency converter found at XE.com.

2 thoughts on “Ex-Muslims Need Financial Support

  1. Its really hard to say but i really need financial help to get out of here with my wife. Its almost 1 year when i and my wife accept Jesus Christ as my Savior.

  2. sir
    i born as moslem but from many years i belive with juses it was secret but now some know that and islam say that i must kill so some of hard moslem want do that want killesp after there arrival to goverment egpyt it my nation so i escape but they will find me can u help me it for god where i can go our christian in egypt affraid from accept me now iam not moslem and at same time cannot go to any church there one way it i go to moslem to kill cos i belive with my god juses iam not best that my lord i am affraid pls help me
    pls for juses
    god bless u

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