Faith Healing on Trial in Oregon

Relying on faith healing when there is a child  in need of medical care makes you negligible…at least this may be the case in Oregon. I caught the story while watching Northwest News since I live in Pacific Northwest and it is encouraging to hear this growing consensus, though the victim involved, an 18 month-old girl name Alaina, will break your heart.

Alaina had  “an abnormal build-up of blood vessels in her eye when she was nine months old” and needed medical attention. Instead, her father and mother decided to pray over her as they are members of The Followers of Christ Church which insists on faith healing.

If you watch the news story in the included video you’ll see one of the defending lawyers say that the family has a history of this condition and that it eventually clears up. Possibly, but what kind of parents do not seek medical advice when something like that appears on their kid? Every mom I know frets over the littlest of things from rashes to vomiting to more farts than usual.

To be fair to the parents, I looked up the condition called a “hemangioma of infancy” and it does say it is a benign tumor appearing within the first weeks of life and resolves itself normally by age 10. It doesn’t necessarily appear over the eye but can be in various locations. When this growth does appear over the eye it can cause complications. “When hemangiomas interfere with vision, breathing, or threaten significant cosmetic injury, they are usually treated.” So while this condition may disappear, because it was over the eye it was a cause for a concern. Simply checking with a doctor instead of praying would have been the responsible thing to do.

Besides, where’s the healing? Or does God like to see these kinds of little tumors on infants?

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