Faking a Bigfoot Sighting Can Get You Killed

I tend to get a lot of flack for being too skeptical, but here’s another story showing why I’m usually more right than wrong. BoingBoing.net has a story about a man who wanted to start his own Bigfoot hoax and subsequently was run over on a highway dressed like an idiot. Is there a more embarrassing way to die?

It’s both tragic and funny at the same time. Randy Lee Tenley thought his best chance for cryptozoological fame was to wear a “military-style camouflage ghillie suit” and went walking on the highway. Perhaps he just liked a good joke at the expense of the gullible. It’s too bad he didn’t use some commonsense (which isn’t as common as we think).

By this time, I would think people would have given up on the Bigfoot myth. If new evidence comes in, sure, we can examine it, ┬ábut there has been no good evidence found since the first claims of an upright man-like beast prowling in the northwest. It is also a claim that doesn’t have any bearing in science. With all the other possibilities of finding unknown species on land or water, alive or extinct, why waste our time with Bigfoot…except to maybe make a couple of horror movies for the fun of it?


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