Fear of ‘Boobies Bracelets’ for Breast Cancer Awareness

Maybe the ACLU will get some kudos on this one. Fox News has a story about two girls who defied their public school’s ban on breast cancer awareness and won their court case. The middle school girls of Easton were wearing Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets with the fun message “I (heart) boobies.” The bracelets cost 4 bucks apiece and raise money for–you guessed it, boobs! The Pennsylvania judge who ruled on the case said the message was neither lewd or vulgar and could not be banned by public school officials who found the bracelets offensive.

I suppose the odds were stacked (no pun intended) in favor of  the troublemakers Brianna Hawk and Kayla Martinez, the judge was female–Judge Mary McLaughlin. Fox quotes her as writing in her ruling, “”The bracelets … can reasonably be viewed as speech designed to raise awareness of breast cancer and to reduce stigma associated with openly discussing breast health.”

Of course they are. If you’re offended by some cute wordplay on the female anatomy then realize it is more offensive when a woman has to have a mastectomy. Some references to breasts using slang by some middle school girls is nothing to be worried about. Fact is, I would say the realization that breast cancer is a concern and that boobs need to be taken care of is something young girls should learn. AND something young guys should learn. We guys all enjoy boobs, but we should be aware of breast cancer as well. It may one day affect the one we love.

Easton is not the only school to suffer a ban on these particular bracelets (which means the campaign is working). “Easton is one of several school districts around the country to ban the bracelets, which are distributed by the Keep A Breast Foundation of Carlsbad, Calif. The nonprofit has said it sells the bracelets to engage young people in breast cancer awareness.”

The argument is that young men don’t “get it” and the bracelets are innuendo containing a sexual message which are distracting. No offense, but young teenage guys don’t get a lot of things and teens in general are always distracted. If they don’t make the connection now on the meaning of these bracelets they will probably make it later. Also, if they’re willing to buy the bracelets–then exploit them for fundraising. It’s going to a good cause. Do you think they’re going to buy something that just says, “Breast Cancer” on it? It’s about being clever and coy and running a smart campaign aimed at youth. “Boobies” is cute terminology and the bans simply show our fear of breasts within the American culture which is why tits in general get shown so much for entertainment profit.

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