Fox News Fluff, Ashley Tisdale Nude

Tisdale – High School Musical Innocent

Fox News is the master of creating the illusion of being on the side of conservative family values, exploiting the illusion and then breaking faith with their Christian homebase by running fluff pieces in the same vein as the National Enquirer. If you want to see a nude photo of Ashley Tisdale (from Disney Channel fame), it’s on Fox!

The photos are from Allure and are in good taste. No complaint there. I’m just noting the irony and that Fox is really just business as usual. As you know, when the Fox Channel (not the news outlet) came out it ran some of the most objectionable content from the perspective of the conservative Christian crowd that it is surprising to see the dichotomy. The news outlet espouses conservative Christian views through mouthpieces such as Hannity and O’ Reilly and then the Fox Channel undermines those values.

Ultimately it just comes down to Murdoch making a buck. Can’t say I blame him when it’s this easy.

Ashley, of course, like all child stars, is trying to assert her womanhood by showing skin. I’m not sure if that works anymore since it’s been done so many times, as well as isn’t Allure a woman’s magazine? I guess women like to look at other women naked (usually to judge, oh so catty–sorry, stereotype!). I wish her the best, though. While I like nudity I do hate the idea that the only way a girl transitioning into womanhood can be taken seriously as an actress is to show skin. But coming from High School Musical it’s doubtful that directors of award winning indie films are going to cast her anytime soon. Her best bet is to go into horror if she wants to escape the sweetness of her youth.

Tisdale – is now a woman! Hop on over to Fox News for more.

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