French Cartoonists Parody Islam, Another Backlash

It’s hard to keep cartoonists from laughing at the stupidity of just about everything, including Islamic protestors. You just know these artists decided to go for it, safety be damned. Per the Bangkok Post (where I get all my news, ha!), the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of Mohammed naked. So not only do we get to see The Prophet, we really get to see The Prophet!

I know this weekly paper and these cartoonists will be condemned by mainly liberals and academics here in the USA, but I’m getting a little sick of hearing how we can’t parody Islam because it’s off limits and stirs up these protestors. These protestors obviously should realize there are more pressing issues in the world (especially their world) and even if we’re going to take them seriously they need to protest peacefully. They also need a lesson in free speech–and fuck multicultural arguments that they don’t understand free speech. I’m don’t think they’re that dumb, they’re intolerant of anything against their religion. It’s why Christians and any other nonMuslim religions have to live in fear in these regions. These kinds of fanatics need to be offended repeatedly until the point where it is mundane and every passionate Islamic believer goes, “Another cartoon picturing Mohammed? I’m too tired to protest and start fires. I have to get up to go to work in the morning.”

Their response should not be storming embassies or setting fires or threats of violence against The West, it should be more speech. I know for a fact there are talented Egyptian and other Middle Eastern cartoonists who draw beautifully put editiorials about the world stage. They should be the ones out in the forefront highlighted by the media and not all these idiots burning flags and vandalizing foreign embassies who had nothing to do with making Mohammed cartoons. And if  Innocence of Muslims is an offensive film, make a rebuttal film. Hell, make a film parodying Americans. But as long as these religious extremists offer violence then it’s not the time to condemn, but champion the offenses. …which I can only do in favor of the cartoonists for now (French, Danish, American, etc)–because that Innocence of Muslims film sucked.

SIDENOTE: What would happen if someone with talent did make a good film about Mohammed? What then? What if it was historically factual based upon all of the available evidence? What if it was literary in nature. Would our academics and liberals champion it? I doubt it. And yet, the fact that we don’t have such a film says something terrible about free speech in relation to Islam.

SIDENOTE 2: One reason you might want to champion the low brow satirical paper Charlie Hebdo is that last year they were firebombed. For what? For saying that Mohammed was a guest editor on one of their weekly editions.  The Business Insider article reveals a translation of one of the new cartoons that was featured on the cover of the paper. It shows a Jewish man pushing a Muslim man in a wheelchair with the title “Untouchables 2.” The characters are saying something similar to: “You must not mock us.” It’s pretty obvious that the idea is that parody should not be off limits to parodying Judaism and Islam and its adherents. While it’s true there is a need for caution concerning racist stereotypes, religion should not be off limits to satire. Making fun of religion is not the same as bigotry. Cartoonists have a hard time of it with stereotypes anyways–they stereotype everyone! What’s  funny is not what is sensitive.

5 thoughts on “French Cartoonists Parody Islam, Another Backlash

  1. Well, actually, no you can’t make fun of Muhammad or any other aspect of Islam – Free Speech Be Damned when it somes to some Muslims.

    There are people who WILL kill a person if they say, draw, burn or film something negative having to do with Islam.

    I Will defend a person’s right to free speech, but I will NOT stand between them and a bullet.

    Free speech or not, this is the world we live in. People need to think before they speak.

    If a person decides to in some way slander Islam I think they should not be whining later because they have to stay in hiding the rest of their life.

    Sometimes when one rolls the dice they lose. Everyone with at least 2 brain cells knows that slandering Islam is an automatic loss. This IS the world we live in today. Right or wrong. Like it or not.

  2. Actually, you can make fun of Islam. I’ve heard this chicken shit “reality” argument before. The reality of the situation doesn’t change unless we all stand up to bullies. I don’t know what I would do in the face of a gun or torture in regards to free speech and I’m no hero, but I’m also not going to proactively take a stance of cowardice. Free speech needs to be tested and the bear needs to be poked. The sad thing is that people like you get to enjoy the benefits of free speech due to the people who test it and often suffer either physically or through legal reprimands as everyone keeps their mouths shut in in either apathy or fear. OR WORSE, they blame the victim for daring to make fun of religious zealots–the people who need to be satirized the most.

    It’s like a schoolyard with the bully beating the shit of the kid who dared to call him a bully with a funny haircut and every other kid is standing around just watching because they don’t want to risk getting hurt. After the beating, the bully looks at everyone and tells them to keep their mouths shut or they’re next. So the next day, the victim gets called stupid by all the other kids for saying what they were thinking.

    It’s also not slander to necessarily point out how stupid any religion is including Islam and the positions we are taking to give this one religion a pass is pathetic. I understand the government doing it for the sake of diplomacy, but not the media and certainly not the public. The only thing I can agree upon is that those who poke the bear may have to be clever enough to hide their identities (free speech guerilla warfare) if the threat is big enough, but the bear should definitely be poked if not stabbed.

  3. The small fraction of Muslims who kill others for slanding Islam are not “bullies”. They are terrorists. There is one hell of a difference.

    A terrorist is someone who is willing to kill himself just so he can kill you because you said, did, wrote, drew, filmed, etc, something that he got ticked off about.

    It’s great to be optimistic about changing the behaviour of others by standing up to them, but we need to be realistic as well. No one can change anyone but themself.

    Something doesn’t have to be legally, technically or morally slanderous to us in order for us to be killed for saying it. It only needs to be considered slanderous to the person who kills you for saying it.

    Persons in most countries do not have a right to free speech. We are lucky to live in America. Have you noticed American Muslims are not blowing themselves up with suicide vests at your local Walmart? Have you ever wondered why not?

    American Muslims who wheather by birth or by immigration live in the U.S. for the same reason nonMuslims do. They want the human rights that the U.S. Constitution guareentres all U.S. citistens. They don’t want to have to teach their children young to never say anything against the government or they could dissapear.

    The concept of free speech is one of the greatest human rights there is. But the police can’t protect anyone really. Although they will come along after a “Free Speecher” has been murdered to investigate his death.

    You go ahead and poke the bear. But me? I’m not Jesus Christ. I wasn’t put on this earth to die for others (right to free speech).

  4. Terrorists certainly are bullies–they just have more weapons than usual. You don’t think terrorists intimidate the local population into doing just what they want? You don’t think the Taliban bullied women into submission? It’s not that big of a difference.

    We’re not talking about American Muslims here. We’re talking about the reach the extremists and maybe even not so extreme believers have into America, or into any Western country. Molly Norris had to go into hiding–in America! This is the cartoonist who started Draw Mohammed Day in reaction to death threats against the South Park creators. Charlie Hebdo Magazine is bombed in France for satirizing Mohammed and Theo Van Gogh, a filmmaker is murdered in the Netherlands for exposing Islamic violence against women. These are just a few examples. Are we going to ignore these incidents for fear we’re going to be next for speaking up? Free speech ends when it can be silenced by violence or threats of violence. Especially, when it is a miniscule possibility that something will actually happen such as in the USA and generally speaking in Western countries.

    It’s fine to be afraid, I don’t think that’s an excuse.

    The only way change happens is by the process of pointing out the flaws of religion and belief, most often by satire. To simply throw these individuals to the side who dare to question the extremist attitude, well, it’s “lame” for lack of a better word. We all want to be self-preservationists, but at what cost?

    Molly Norris had the right idea. If so many people are making fun of Islamic stupidity (the idea that we can’t draw Mo’s face and other nonsense) then there’s too many people to target. The only reason she was targeted was that she got listed as the leader of this movement–even when she later rejected it because it was overwhelming. She’s paid a price for it, but the other cartoonists that swarmed the net to make these images did not. The idea worked.

    If you want to use your real name or an alias or whatever–but say something, draw something, film something and preserve the right to speak out on any thing you want. How do you know free speech exists if it is not tested?

    And you may not be Jesus Christ–like he could raise from the dead anyways–no one said you have to be a hero, but we also don’t have to reject people who make these attempts at dangerous satire. We don’t have to say they deserve what they get.

    Remember there was a time, even in America, that making fun of Jesus could get you killed by zealots and the general population of Christians weren’t exactly critical–“Bah! He deserved it.” Hell, there was plenty of stuff that had to be said in America that could get you killed. Are we so complacent now with idiots overseas telling us what to do?

    Alright, off my soapbox, back to drawing cartoons.

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