Gay Men Marry Lesbian Women, The Jewish Compromise

In what has to be some creative lifestyle choices, rabbis from the Zionist community are arranging marriages for gay men to be with lesbian women. Kind of like traditional marriages, but the couples don’t want to have sex with each other…hmm, actually a lot like traditional marriage after the honeymoon wears off.

The idea is a compromise. The rabbis recognize the reality of homosexuality but still say that the gay community can keep their faith and their sexuality by working together. They marry, have kids, occasionally cheat with their own gender, and celebrate bar mitzvah’s and bat mitzvah’s as their family grows. Apparently, the cheating is acceptable as long as the cheaters don’t do it to excess. goes in depth on how everything works according to what they describe as the “ultra-orthodox” Jewish faith. It seems to me that they may be pushing some interesting boundaries, but why not? If a gay man and a lesbian woman can find happiness in a marriage with kids and they don’t have to deny their sexuality then–oh good lord, isn’t this a sham? I’m sure the gay community would ask how they could be happy living with someone they don’t really want to physically love (thus the hiring of a sweaty, young gardener for Dad and a Swedish maid for mom) . It’s sort of a marriage of convenience for the sake of pleasing religion and the surrounding community instead of demanding acceptance.

I guess I can see how a marriage of convenience might work in the short term but orthodox faiths and strict religionists just need to get over it. If they recognize that homosexuality exists then wouldn’t the conclusion be that it’s natural, a harmless biological urge? Can’t we just let gay men marry gay men and lesbians marry lesbians? Or maybe we should have double marriages–four people get married so that everyone is happy. Two moms who can make out with each other but still be wives and two dads who can make out with each other but who can be husbands. That would be the ultimate marriage of convenience, until the two dads forget the two mom’s anniversary.

5 thoughts on “Gay Men Marry Lesbian Women, The Jewish Compromise

  1. still, if it makes the couple happy to be accepted, then it seems like a nice idea. still pretty silly.

  2. It happened here in the Philippines where a Gay and a Lesbian got married bec. they had fallen in love..its rather romantic…today, the gay was still wearing women’s clothes and acting like a real girl and also doing a woman’s work, and the lesbian was wearing men’s clothes and acting like a real husband…they had kids and the younlings are calling the gay ‘ma’ and the lesbian ‘pa’ …its really hilarious… but romantic.

  3. when it comes to gay men marrying though – watch out; Americans, being the dumbest race on Earth get insulted – well; those women who now realize they will never have a man (since men can marry each other) – they think that their husband may leave them for another man apparently, with such comments as ‘they’re destroying the family values’ – look to yourself cows, lose some weight and put down the KFC bucket.
    you don’t want to have the general body shape of a refrigerator all your life – do you?

  4. Hey, I’m a gay man and have been married 30+ years. My wife is gay also. We have produced 2 children, a boy and a girl who is gay also.
    We haven’t slept together in 15 years now. I’m beginning to need a guy more and more as i get older. I have had one quickie last year
    Two gay people can make it so no one knows that its a lavender marriage but it is lonely. Btw, neither of us has admitted to the other about being gay . But we know in our minds not to ask.

  5. It should be better if gay men and lesbian became hetero, marry each other, and forget about the harmful gay life style, have children, and be happy !

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