Gibson Continues his Downfall, Takes Plea Deal

Being that I was a Mel Gibson fan, even after the Passion of the Christ hype, it has been harder to hear how much he has fallen. Or rather, maybe he has hidden all of his “demons” for so long that they can no longer be contained. How is it the the director who gave us “Christ in your face” is so dysfunctional? Is it some sort of madness?

Per Fox News, Gibson has pleaded no contest to battery. He struck his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva when they were arguing in January of last year at his Malibu home. I suspect he was probably drinking at the time. If he was sober then he has turned into more of a bastard then we suspected. The plea deal given by the court is 36 months probation and 52 weeks of domestic abuse counseling. I almost feel prison time would do him better at this point because of his self-destructive nature. I’m not sure he will even be listening when the therapist talks (especially if she is a woman).

While Gibson was excused by Christians with a hand slap (for the most part) for the drunk driving episode with anti-semitic remarks, his unkind comments towards gender and race have continued. Quoting Fox News, “Recordings leaked last year during his custody battle with Grigorieva also contained racist and sexist taunts by the actor during a series of tirades.” It seems when freethinkers and concerned Jews said that Passion of the Christ might just be anti-semitic, well, we only have to look at the director who has exposed his personal views. I remember at the time all the Christian fans of the movie saying that atheists and other unbelievers were overreacting. Hell, I think I even underestimated the nature of Gibson’s views.

Meanwhile, his new movie is coming out called The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster. It is about a man who loses touch with reality and starts talking through a puppet. How ironic, the timing couldn’t be worse for the once A-list actor. Stand-up comedians are going to have a field day.

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