Glenn Beck Laid Off? Show Ends

We’re not gloating, well, sort of…Glenn Beck is sure to find another show to host or some other avenue to get his message across as he is a popular guy, but Fox is ending his daily show. One of the speculations is that Beck has alienated most of his advertisers. Apparently Beck is too extreme even for Fox! While his show is said to be rated number 3 in cable news, if it doesn’t bring in money there’s no point.

What the real reason for the departure is you won’t get from Glenn Beck. See his take on the subject in the video below. Per Beck, “Fox is one of the only places you’ll find the truth.” Yeah right. Since when did one news station have a stranglehold on the truth? If you’re smart you will read and watch a multitude of sources.

Beck, while being eerily mysterious about something wicked coming our way, is out to produce specials and other, what I suspect, are “pet” projects that Fox will potentially air. I predict he may get weirder and become more of an evangelist. He certainly is playing his cards right so far in how this departure is being talked about–with all of the news by happy liberals he’s going to look like a martyr. It would not surprise me to see him leading a coalition of Christians, Mormons and other believers into a new cult–we’re not talking about Hare Krishnas in funny clothing, these will be everyday Americans that think the end of freedom is one day away and the end of the world is coming at the end of the week. So Beck may not be appearing daily, but he’s not going anywhere.

MSNBC, where Beck started, has a post showing The Colbert Report on Beck’s departure hinting that we are nearing the Glennpocalypse.

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