Going to Prison for South Park

This one was sent in by a reader. It looks like threatening South Park can get you a prison sentence. Per a Yahoo news story, Zachary Chesser wrote numerous web posts that Matt Stone and Trey Parker would end up like Theo Van Gogh. Theo Van Gogh was the great-grandson of another Theo Van Gogh, brother to Vincent Van Gogh (you might have heard of him). He was an actor and director and produced the film Submission which was critical of the treatment of Muslim women. For his efforts he was murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri in the streets of Amsterdam; shot eight times and then Bouyeri tried to decapitate him with a knife.

Now it wasn’t just threats of murder against the South Park creators that got Zachary Chesser a 25 year sentence. He tried to join al-Shabab, a Somalian terrorist group and also liked instructing people to “leave suspicious packages in public places in the U.S. so that if and when real bombs were planted they’d go unnoticed.”

Besides South Park, another one of his targets was “Draw Mohammed Day.” He went so far as to supply personal information for specific cartoonists in order to bring harm to them. As we know, the creator of the movement, Molly Norris, had to go into hiding after it was revealed she was in immediate danger.

What a wasted life going after cartoonists. ¬†As if we’re that important–we just like to provoke where provoking is required. Hope Zach likes being butt-fucked in jail for Allah.

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